20lb Bond Papers

3"Core Wide Format Roll 20 lb Bond


20# bond paper rolls 3"core in white, blue, green, pink, yellow all large format bond paper rolls with 3"core (3 inch core) that fits onto Oce Wide format printers, Ricoh Large format, Xerox wide format solutions and all Engineering large copiers used in America. 

The "20 lb bond paper roll", in general, is the weight the paper grade weighs 20 lb, the more a sheet of a certain grade of paper weighs, the thicker it is. You will find wide format 20 lb bond paper rolls 20# roll bond paper. Choose American Made wide rolls or sheets here. The 24-pound bond (24#lb-pound bond paper) is thicker, heavier and more opaque than 20lb roll bond paper (in some offices the quality large format bond is written as 20-lb-bond). The 20 lb roll bond used in engineering copiers is usually 20-lb-bond on a 3 inch core roll; 20#lb bond paper rolls. See very similar papers in the details on our Inkjet Sizes.

The m3-inch-coreetric system has a much better way of measuring paper. A0 paper is a square meter of paper. One side is 84.1 centimeters long and the other is 118.9 centimeters (the longer side's length is the square root of 2 longer than the shorter side's length). A1 paper is half of an A0 sheet (preserving the square root of 2 rule). A2 is half of an A1 sheet, and so on. And paper weight is measured in grams per square meter. Below is Engineering 20 lb Bond paper, most of them are made, for weight is measured in grams per square meter.

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