(2)20# BlueprintPaper, 3-in Core Blueline 24" x 450' Rolls

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56.00 LBS

20lb Creates Basis weight for good economy and excellent handling characteristics. See the deeper becoming a true Blue image with great combination of product density and variable speed for console and tabletop ammonia diazo machines.

Center Roll Size:       3 inch Center Core

Imaging Side Out and comes standard on a 3-INCH core, that is right, Still Large-Format Media in blueprints. However, the 3inch core blueprint roll. This product is a stocked item converted on a per order basis. Please make regards for your timeline. This is due to the shelf life of the product and to help ensure the quality and longevity. 24-in Width 450-ft 2 rolls Long. Total 900 feet of printing papers.

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