4 mil Matte Mylar Roll

4 mil Double Matte Mylar Film Roll and cut sheets. Frosted on one side, smooth on the other for use in Hp, Canon, Encad, Oce, and Epson 2 inch core Wide format Inkjet Printer / Plotter.

4 mil Matte Mylar Film, Opaque Film, Wide-Format Inkjet Film

A premium inkjet printing film roll which provides 20% faster reprint speed than the 3 mil complement 7923D. This durable, achievable 4 mil (thickness is 4 mil) film, 7924D, is specially coated for superior dark lines and fine details, light color ink line coverage. Outstanding monochrome line formation while drying quickly with excellent erasability. One printing company may see it as erasable mylar while the other sees it as double matte mylar; plastic like wide-format printing media.  Our 4 mil size gives one has a choice of a matte, frosted side or clear mylar printing rolls.


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