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5000 Series Dye

Technical Plotting easy paper HP DYE Designjet 5000 Technology one can feel large-format printing paper for HP DesignJet 500 ,DesignJet 5000 Dye ,DesignJet 510 ,DesignJet 5500 Dye ,DesignJet D5800 ,DesignJet T1100, DesignJet T1200 ,DesignJet T1300 ,DesignJet T1500 ,DesignJet T2300 eMFP ,DesignJet T2500 eMFP ,DesignJet T3500 eMFP ,DesignJet T520 ,DesignJet T610 ,DesignJet T620 ,DesignJet T7100 ,DesignJet T7200 ,DesignJet T770 ,DesignJet T790 ,DesignJet T795 ,DesignJet T920 ,DesignJet Z2100 ,DesignJet Z3100 ,DesignJet Z6600 ,DesignJet Z6800 and oh the list will grow.

HP Ink / Plotter 5000 dye Paper Large Roll Wide - Format Media. 5000 42 INCH Roll US Paper Size Supplies also the 60-INch Free of Paper Jam / easy to Load 888-450-1542 Large-Format Media. USA Wide Format Paper COM