Luster 65373, 8 MIL Self-Adhesive Magic Photo 3"Core Roll, 36" WIDE

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Latex 65373
19.00 LBS

Peel-n-Stick here is an 8 mil instant dry, bright white, photo papers with a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive (available in luster and gloss). Our Wide-Format 65373 Latex features a premium resin coated base paper, a smooth and consistent proprietary coating layer to provide excellent ink adhesion, print quality, line acuity and image clarity without sacrificing print speed or color accuracy.
    Thickness: 8 mil (9 mil total)
    Liner Type: PET
    Adhesive Type: Permanent
    Basis Weight: 200 g/m2
    Whiteness: 106
    Gloss (60°): 17%
    Optical brighteners: Yes

US 36" Latex photo roll FEATURES AND BENEFITS   

Premium resin coated base paper
    Permanent adhesive
    CORE Size3" w/2" UNIVERSAL Adapter already on ends of roll for protection during travel.  Just pull them out of roll, reverse them, push them back in and the roll is now 2" Core
    Easy to release liner
    Instant dry
    Vibrant colors
    Rich black vector solid lines
    Fade resistant
    Bright white
    Smooth luster/satin finish
    Compatible with most PSA and thermal over laminates

This 36" x 50feet move 200GSM with PSA 8 mil peal and stick photograph paper from Wide-Format Paper co is magic in a moment dry brilliant white photograph paper with a lasting weight touchy cement and is offered here in a radiance finish. Ideal for general banners, signage, retail promoting, and photograph and art reproduction, this paper includes a base load of 200gsm and 106% whiteness.

    Temperature 50-85° F (10-30° C)
    Relative Humidity 30-65%

    Waterbased Dye
    Waterbased Pigment
    HP PageWide


Intended for smooth, level indoor surfaces. Qualify the application surface is ready and clean before applying. HIGHEST Large-Format Printing Roll Paper setting should be chosen on the menu screen to allow your best printer-quality and Media determination should be selected on "photo paper" or profile soon visit us for media profiles

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