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20 lb Inkjet Bond 30' 300"

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2[20lb] 30 x 300' Wide Roll Format Ink White Paper

This 30 inchbond is 20lb and not for every machine for this Bright Ink Jet Bond for cad large-format is too large for some wide format printer roll carrages. Check with your operating manual that you can put a roll of 5.4 diameter across In  your printer. Upon then one will find roll format using black ink and white canvas once color ink use isn't required rolls GREAT for cad rolling or drafts. Our guaranteed paper, over and over tested on Oce printer, Epson, HP, Canon, Kodak to achieve performance and quality suggested for all ink wide format printing. 


Condition: New

Shipping Weight: 27.00 LBS is a 2 Rolled Box


Item # 0730300U In Stock       

Look USA American made over. with 30x300' bond. .. more on us Wide-Format 30" Roll Paper on Google+