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36 500' Wide Printer Roll

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Does the diameter of one's printing paper roll fit 6" opening on the printer? There is a good answer here, Yes - 36 x 500 3" Core Laser 20 LB Bond Copier Paper American Economy saver economical sulfite bond for checkplots and non-permanent applications. Our 36x500 bond Wide format engineering rolls are ideal for printing architectural and engineering documents, posters, and signs. Rolling out Rolled to readable quality print results. This all purpose paper is excellent for detailed printing and imaging.

Core Diameter (the size of the tube or hole in the center of the roll): 3" • Roll Width: 36" •Roll Length: 500' • Carton Paper Saver Qty: 2 rolls Configuration: Untaped (Untaped is term of ole school-wide format printing when machine, 3" Core, used brakes as taped paper to cener of roll ( core to paper ) which would stop the large format office roll paper copier machine from continuing with no papers) - therefore, the printer would automaticly stop as to save your job .....

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