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About 20lb

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20 pound

Surprising to some to find out that America makes great wide-format printing paper and has been making it for years – it is one of the oldest industries still thriving post industrial revolution. Allow yourself to make a difference as we put monies back into America by choosing American made 20 pounds wide roll format paper.

What is 20lb to Wide-Format Printing?

The weight per square inch 20 lb. or written 20 Pound. This includes the compact concentration of fibers and the correct amount cohesion which insures the paper stays together through the printing and upon use.

Over the years wide-format paper has changed. Not just the product itself – but the use of American Made Wide-format Roll Paper. Days not long ago it would not be uncommon to see a representative from a printer company in the door of large American companies presenting best use of the latest technology and with it came the name brand, of course, of the media used.

20lb inkjet bond wide-format is a foundation start – look deeper in our 20 pound store website and you will find self adhesive color paper large roll format, vellum, blue wide format paper, green, yellow, pink as America grows on…

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