Understanding BEST FREE way to STORE LARGE Format PAPER Files & Plans

Understanding BEST FREE way to STORE LARGE Format PAPER Files & Plans

Posted by steve a on 9th Jul 2016

Often thinking large format storage Blueprint Holders, Map Storage, and Large Document Storage comes to mind. 500-foot-engineering-wide-paperHowever, there are ways to store, share with others even send large printing files for wide-format printing. There are free record plans that permit you three sends every month and the most extreme document size you can send is 200MB. There are Basic, Standard, and Premium paid arrangements that permit you to send more every month and raise the most extreme record size permitted.

Paper Saving Freedom to Store Large Format Printing Papers, Plans, Blueprints and Drafting Papers Files

Everpix, is a good pick for average low usage users and StreamNation for power users that may consider a plan, however, the best we found still today is Google+. Google+ allows may customers to share single files with whomever they wish while keeping others private even unseen. Take a minute look over Google+ if you have not. One can follow our link and Google will automatically show you a way to open free accounts that allow you to FLY to Paper Freedom Saving for sometime when it comes to a quick free way to Store you Large Format Paper Files and Documents in your own choice of formats