Recycled Bond Wide Format Papers

Recycled Bond Wide Format Papers

Posted by steve a on 20th Nov 2014

Wide Format Copy Paper Recycled Bond 20lb Eco Friendly

At Wide-Format-PaperCom, we take pride in how we design our products with an eye towards the environment. Elimination of Harmful Substances; Preservation of or Planet's Precious Resources; and Recyclability are all hallmarks of our efforts. Our (433) Recycled Xerographic Bond 20 lb a high quality Wide Format Plotter Printer Laser Copier Papers product but also resource and environmentally friendly. As a fact. (433) delivers recycled bond to Engineering Copiers while we extend recycled Inkjet Bond (733) for Large Format Inkjet Printers.

Think about recyclingAs concern grows over the use of harmful chemical substances in electronic equipment, Wide-Format-PaperCom resolves to be a leader in reducing the use of six substances identified as being of particular concern (lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers) - at one time these were nearly bond papers substrates.

Our mills provide wide format plotter printing papers guaranteed for all printer brands producing monochrome line drawings to a higherreuse by recycling standard, today, specifying substances that are prohibited from inclusion in products and substances whose inclusion must be controlled. In turn, Eco-Friendly Papers goe beyond (433) Xerographic 20 lb bond and our (733) Eco Inkjet Bond wide format paper - for we have expanded the idea to 98% of all of our papers. Look over Recycled

Our core (thick cardboard center which the bond paper is wrapped around)of nearly every Inkjet and Engineering Bond Roll from Wide-Format-PaperCom is reconstituted cardboard tubing. Recycled, re-used, and responsible as efforts continue to make a difference. We are a home grown wide format company - American made papers by American workers like you and we take it personal in our goals on each product as we work continuously to improve upon these goals with each new product we develop.

Browse our web-site Eco-friendly catalog and as you think of your wide format plotter paper needs, be assured that the American family here @ Wide-Format-PaperCom is thinking about your family, our great country and our product's total environmental impact across its life cycle.

Recycled Xerographic Bond 20 lb 36" x 500' Rolls (3" core) Papers ⚫

Recycled Xerographic Bond 20 lb 30" x 650' Rolls (3" core) Papers ⚫

Recycled Xerographic Bond 20 lb 30" x 500' Rolls (3" core) Papers ⚫

Recycled Xerographic Bond 20 lb 24" x 650' Rolls (3" core) Papers ⚫