Un - Taped 20lb Bonded

Un - Taped 20lb Bonded

Posted by steve a on 14th May 2015

Fast Facts about 20# Un-Taped to Core White Engineer's Bonded. Un-Taped Bonded paper rolls 20#s used in large roll format copiers as Ricoh Xerox Kip Kyocera Mita Lanier Savin and many other brand name large roll format Engineer's copiers. Many of the older model large roll format copiers are still working for manufacturing companies, the US government and many large architect. Changing technology has brought the old printers and the new style printers, and the paper they utilize together via the use of Taped to the core rolls or Un-Taped to the core large roll format paper rolls.

Un-Taped Bonded rolls (they come in Un-Taped sizes 18x500', 22x500', 24x500', 30x500' and 36x500') are usually white Bonded paper and the paper is not taped to the core (center of the roll). Years gone by Xerox began this technology and used the taped paper to stop the printer or put it on pause till the roll could be changed - in a skinny minnute one would not run out of paper on your printing job. Today all large roll format copiers that use roll Bonded paper are Un-Taped for with today's technology there are now brakes activated by sensors that stop the machine before the end of the roll and most likely SHREEEK an alarm to let you know to change 20# paper roll, 20# paper roll.

  • Un-Taped Engineer's Roll Bonded Paper

Many large printers have a bay to hold more than one roll and can exchange them better than you would imagine Rosie the robot could from the Jetson cartoon 20 years ago. Standard sizes for Engineer's roll Bonded are the 24 inch wide, 30 inch wide and 36 inch wide x 500' roll Bonded Un-Taped. 20lb Bonded Un-Taped Core Engineer's roll Bonded is a product that is made in the good ole USA and one of those products that brings money into your home as we keep our monies here in America. Choose American made large roll format Engineer's roll Bonded paper :) .... more on Un Taped on Google+