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Wide-Format Vellum Paper Translucent Vellum

Paper vellum

Understand Modern imitation wide format or "paper vellum" is made from plasticized cotton. Usually translucent, paper vellum in various sizes is often used in applications where tracing is required, such as architectural plans. Like natural wide-format vellum paper translucent, the synthetic is more dimensionally stable than a linen or paper sheet, which is frequently critical in the development of large scaled drawings and plans such as blueprints. It was also extremely important in that reproduction technology for dissemination of the plans as, like a high quality natural vellum, it could be produced in a thin enough sheet to be virtually transparent to strong light enabling a source drawing to be used directly in the reproduction of field-used drawings. Preservation

True vellum is typically stored in a stable environment with constant temperature and 30% (± 5%) relative humidity. If vellum is stored in an environment with less than 11% relative humidity, it becomes fragile, brittle, and susceptible to mechanical stresses; if it is stored in an environment with greater than 40% relative humidity, wide-format vellum paper translucent becomes vulnerable to gelation and to mold or fungus growth. The optimal temperature for the preservation of vellum is 20 ± 1.5 °C (68 ± 3 °F).


2-inch-inkjet-vellum-paper-roll   3-inch-engineering-vellum-roll

100% Rag Cotton Vellum is Smooth, lightweight, vellum is great for high-speed duplication, overlays and presentation plots. Good also for archivable purposes. Ideally suited for durable high-volume prints and blue-line reproduction masters.

Our Vellum 3 inch Core Engineering Vellum for Copiers Wide Format Vellum 20 lb Solventless 100% Rag Vellum and Vellums are formulated for optimum Vellum imaging quality and reliable transport properties through your equipment. Our Engineering Vellum will exhibit excellent drafting characteristics as well as exceptional strength and...