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What is Wide Format Printing Paper

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Answer to the question of today's new user "What is Wide Format Printing Paper"

Wide-Format Paper is a generally was identified in the past 5 years as its large ‘poster’ size and as paper utilized in ‘wide format printers’, and ‘large format copiers’ .  Often, the size of the print job or copy job is very sizable and one may see the paper installed in the printer as a ‘roll of paper’.  The roll of paper may weigh anywhere from 7 lbs to 65 lbs or even more. Often the large printers are called plotter machines, wide-format printer or large format printer. Plotter machines are printing devices used with computers that are capable of printing vector type graphics. There are a number of machines being used in the printing industry for printing on different products. These machines are used to print on different surfaces and materials including paper, vinyl, plastic, cardboard etc. A vast range of printing machines are available following different printing techniques and finding applications in a number of industries.

Plotter Paper

The plotter paper machine is most widely used by architects and home or building designers in order to create their blueprints or by designers of any various devices, machines, layouts, prints, creative posters or even enlarged pictures by photographers to be released for print, framed or even today’s car wrap popular presentation. It is not a common use phrase for those wishing paper for their plotter printer measuring depths in deep waters as in fishing boat printers, yet it has been used there also. Most often the phrase follows along side software programs such as AutoCAD, QCAD, Revit, Openscad, FreeCAD, SolidWorks and all other drafting and technical drawing programs in which Wide Format Printing Paper is used.

The plotter machine (in the beginning) printed by using a special pen that moves across plotter paper. There are several types of plotter paper used for printing vector graphics that have been captured by the plotter. This plotter paper is available in different sizes and textures. One type of plotter paper is usually sold by the roll. The drawing from the plotter machine is completed on a drum plotter, which the paper is wrapped around.

Another type of plotter paper can be used on a flatbed plotter machine (older technology). This plotter paper is placed on the machine’s flat service. An electrostatic plotter allows the user to sketch on negatively charged plotter paper that has a positively charged toner.

Plotter paper is available for both inkjet, traditional pen and laser printers. plotters. Bond plotter paper is one such paper that shows this type of versatility. This plotter paper can be used for black and white inkjet plotting, making it ideal for engineering and architectural uses. It is sold on rolls measuring 50 yards (457.2 meters). Some are available with widths from 24 to 36 inches (about 60.96 cm to 91.44 centimeters).

Inkjet vellum wide-format plotter paper is usually the preferred choice for printing a large volume of blueprint. The size of this plotter paper is usually 24 inches by 150 feet (about 60.96 cm by 45.72 meters). For a fraction of the cost of vellum plotter paper, one can get translucent bond plotter paper. Packages of this plotter paper generally weigh 18 pounds (288 ounces) and are available in sheets and in rolls up to 36 inches (91.44 cm) wide.

A vinyl sign cutter (sometimes known as a cutting plotter) is used by professional poster and billboard sign-making businesses to produce weather-resistant signs, posters, and billboards using self-colored adhesive-backed vinyl film that has a removable paper backing material. The vinyl can also be applied to car bodies and windows for large, bright company advertising and to sailboat transoms. A similar process is used to cut tinted vinyl for automotive windows.

Colors available are generally limited only by the collection of vinyl on hand. To prevent creasing of the material, it is stored in rolls. Typical vinyl roll sizes are 24-inch, 36-inch and 48-inch width.

Generally, the hardware used today is identical to a traditional plotter except that the ink pen is replaced by a very sharp knife that is use to cut out each shape, and the plotter may have a pressure control to adjust how hard the knife presses down into the vinyl film, allowing designs to be fully or partly cut out. The vinyl knife is usually shaped like a plotter pen and is mounted on ball-bearings so that the knife edge rotates to face the correct direction as the plotter head moves.

As with the pen plotter, sign cutting plotters are in decline for general billboard and sign design. They are being replaced by wide-format inkjet printers that use special fade-resistant UV-protected solvent-based inks, which can directly print onto fabrics, vinyls, or plastic sheeting. These large inkjet printers have the added advantage of performing smooth color transitions and photo printing, which sign cutters cannot duplicate.

However, sign cutting plotters are still very much in use for precision cutting of graphics produced by wide-format inkjet printers, for example to produce shaped stickers and window graphics.

Pen plotters have essentially become obsolete, and have been replaced by large-format inkjet printers and LED toner based printers.


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