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Diazo Blueprint Paper, 30" X 42" 20 lbs (250 sheets)

Shipping Weight:
35.00 LBS
Replacement Available

Product Description

Diazo Blueprint Paper, 30" X 42" 20 lb (250 sheets) Wide Format

Blue print image with the fastest speed for greater productivity in Fluorescent Multiple lamp diazo machines. Develop with either Ammonia or PD activators.

  • 241BU259S Wide Format Paper 30 in. x 42 in. Ultra Speed Blue-line / Diazo (241BU)

Wide Format Blueprint papers, Diazo Blueline Blueprint Papers produce dark, crisp line color and Blueprint Paper, 30" X 42" 20 lb have the lowest cost per print on any copying material available today. Our Diazo Reproduction Wide-Format Media has become the benchmark standard in line density, image contrast, product consistency and quality. Use in Oce, Kip, Ricoh and all others used in America. Blue-print papers get U.S. reproduced on Diazo Reproduction Media.

Blueprint Blue-line papers Wide-Format storage should be stored in a cool dark area. All come wrapped in black plastic, keep it, store unused in it.

Diazo opaque papers large-format are available in blue line. The blue line papers are usually selected for general every day copying, for reproducing drawings, typed or printed business forms, etc.

You may use Oce, Kip, Ricoh or another, think of the Wide-Format Activator;

Diazit Developer Activator Fluid that works with the Diazit Ammonia Free AF101 and AF303 Blueprint Machines may be needed. This is 4 bottles (250ml) in one carton. Sold by the carton only. Approximately 250 prints can be run from one bottle.

Diazo 241BU 241BU259S Wide-Format Paper 30 in. x 42 in. Ultra Speed Blue-line for over 100 years now producing quality wide-format printing paper media Diazo Blueprint Paper, 30" X 42" 20 lb (250 sheets)

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30 in
42 in
20 lb
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Product Reviews

  1. DIETZGEN has never let us down!

    Posted by Rick Halverson on 29th Dec 2014

    I have been in the printing business for nearly 30 years so I have tried most every brand available.
    You can certainly pay more but you will never surpass the quality of Dietzgen. This blueline paper is the best quality paper available, anywhere. The diazo coating is always even and the contrast is great; a rich deep blue. I hope it's available for at least another 30 years! YES it's that good!