3 to 2 in core adapter CN538A

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HP ADAPTER,DJ,3" SPINDLE CN538A from Hewlett Packard mended a gap between the company and their long time users of the dependable HP Designjet 500 Plotter printer, the t120, 400 series and the t1100 and the list goes on for all HP media began to lean to 3 inch core centers after years of a poised position standing FIRM using 2 inch core paper in years prior. Great quality as HP then the result of HP-500's living longer than ones tenure work-history. And these printers are still performing EXCELLENT today!

These two adapters ONE for the right and ONE for the left end of the wide-format media you are about to print.  

Universal adapters have solved many perplexed looks to large-format media that once printed in their large-format inkjet plotter does not fit into the machine any longer. Even using these universal 3 inch core converted into 2 inch core printing roll miracles one has to consider the roll diameter STILL may be too big to drop easy into the roll holder of ones printer. However, now one can roll off a bit of new material onto an empty 2 inch core center roll left over from the last few previous print jobs. NOW all Wide-Format Media fits again and prints again on your timeline. 24",30" 36" wide to format printing paper universal adapter is a must have to any off and remember to put them in a safe place for future use.

In Box Weight 10.6 ounces

When mounting or unmounting rolls to a unique spindle remember to SAVE these end caps. THEY are worth GOLD. Installs with ease. Simply insert paper roll onto spindle and you're ready to print. This 3" spindle adapter kit is compatible with the large format Designjet T1500 Series, as well as the Designjet T920 Series. Accessory Type: Spindle Adapter Kit; Dimensions: 7 4/25" x 4 3/5" x 4 3/5"; For Use With: HP T1500 Designjet Series, T920 Designjet Series; Spindle Diameter: 3"core

Eligible HP printers are HP Designjet T2300 PostScript eMultifunction Printer (CN728A)
HP Designjet T2300 eMultifunction Printer (CN727A)
HP Designjet T2500 36-in PostScript eMultifunction Printer (CR359A)
HP Designjet T2500 36-in PostScript eMultifunction Printer with Encrypted Hard Disk (CR359B)
HP Designjet T2500 36-in eMultifunction Printer (CR358A)
HP Designjet T790 24-in PostScript ePrinter (CR648A)
HP Designjet T790 44-in PostScript ePrinter (CR650A)
HP Designjet T790 44-in ePrinter (CR649A)
HP Designjet T795 44-in ePrinter (CR649C)
HP Designjet T920 36-in PostScript ePrinter (CR355A)
HP Designjet T920 36-in ePrinter (CR354A)
HP Designjet Z5400 44-in PostScript ePrinter (E1L21A)

Canon is a spindle that holds roll media and we will have more on that soon. It is designed specifically for use with 36" large-format imagePROGRAF TM-300 and TM-305 printers. This unit features a 2" roll holder with a 3" core adapter RH2-35 Roll Holder.

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