When using Dye Large-Format Media & Ink

Dye ink is better at absorbing and holding onto BRIGHT colors over time. This Wide-Format Media works well wtih DYE ink DYE Ink for use in ones Plotter gives a large-format performance which will last years upon years.  Family albums printed 30 years ago using dye ink still resolve color GREAT and show us memories that still make us cry.  There are a gaggle of wide-format media we carry for US printing fast, direct and easy for your dye using wide-format printer. So lets look over some pros, cons and insights.

waterbased-dye-ink-and-compatible-largeformatpaper.jpgDye-based inks are a colorant that is fully dissolved and suspended in liquid (often deionized water). Since most often they consist of water, dye-based inks are most often not waterproof yet when using a paper that compliments the dye with ink stabilizers one's outcome can present more water tolerant in high humidity situations, outdoor during the muggy months, in an area as such the gym pool where humidity runs at higher levels.

Direct water splashes are not recommended and the printed material would probably not hold its printed message unless the project was laminated after printing. Dye- Based inks most often are standard in large-format inkjet printers used in the US. One can identify them quickly for they will be a wet ink not dry ink or ink Perl. When using Dye within inkjet printing the print can be permanent for factors to include are how much exposure to direct sun or bright light and long term humidity exposure. Quick cold lamination upon printing is the best any-ware protectant.