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  • Roll Copier Wide-Format Papers / Engineering Rolls Paper Bond 3 Core Inkjet
  • 20-lb Product item 20# Bond 11", 15", 17", 18", 22", 24", 30", 34", 36", X 500 ft (by 500 foot) White Wide Format-Engineering Roll Bond Paper Rolls 430 Paper Dietzgen Wide Format-Paper 20-lb  11", 15", 17", 18", 22", 24", 30", 34", 36" Wide inch Paper-Format Cut Bond Paper Media Engineering Roll Bond Paper Rolls, 18, 24, 30, 36 x 500
  • Wide-Format Copy 20-lb Product item 20# Bond 11", 15", 17", 18", 22", 24", 30", 34", 36", X 500 ft (by 500 foot) White Wide Format-Engineering Roll Bond Paper Rolls 430 Paper Dietzgen Wide Format-Paper 20-lb  11", 15", 17", 18", 22", 24", 30", 34", 36" Wide inch Paper-Format Cut Bond Paper Media Engineering Roll Bond Paper Rolls, 18, 24, 30, 36 x 500

Engineering Roll Bond Paper, 15,18,22,24,30, 36 X 500 Wide Format Rolls

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30.00 LBS
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Product Description

Engineering Bond Paper Rolls, 18, 24, 30, 36 x 500' - Large Format

Roll Engineered 20-lb Bond Paper Rolls 11", 15",17", 18", 22", 24", 30", 34", 36" X 500 Copier fitted 3 Core Engineering Bond Paper Rolls Untaped and Taped to the Roll Core 3" recommended for Xerox, Ricoh, KIP, Oce. Rolled for Today's Wide Format Papers Engineer using Rolls. of White, Architectural, Drafting to White large format volume size copy printing. Check Plot Bond

Large-Format Papers 20 LB Copy Roll Paper or Wide-Format Printing Inkjet Engineering utilizing Roll Paper 36" , 30" or even 24", 18" Charts, Graphs, Plans, Plot Check on a Large Job. When it comes to needing 3" core Black & White Engineer, Draft or Blueprint Copies - We have you covered delivering to your office, your door, floor, or the Summer house by the shore.

WideFormatPapers 36" X 500' Paper Roll

Wide-Format Engineering Paper 36" three inch core middle is the low-cost fast frequent Engineering Roll Bond three inch middle pushed by means of 500' feet on a massive format Papers Printer. We enjoy getting our USA huge Large-format Engineering Printing Papers to you. One could be creating a innovative manufacturing made from a brand new Aero space design tremendous Plastic picture that might gloss a bright white spot in todays huge layout print technology as Xerox did with the Dry Ink (Toner) Wide-Format IJP. Cutting-edge black is fast turning into coloration as this paper is about above aspect specs so reach designed to make use of fine monochromatic to attain maximum exceptional at coupon fee economy 20lb accurate size roll bond.

If you're trying to print at excessive speeds using on the whole Black White Rolls then consider the hi great of new, Copier with New Paper processed in todays copying era that is backwards compatible to all wide Cad like American used big copiers. Our papers are fresh from the mill, laser reduce Rolls to be best fit, just plug and play. You fiind low-priced vivid White US made Rolls added of sparkling high best pulp processed via a high pleasant acid unfastened sulfite non-everlasting packages for wide layout high quality Engineering. 24-test plots and non-everlasting applications just got here up a notch in nice Roll bond trendy sizes are eleven,15,17,18,22,24,30,34,36 inches wide x 500 ft lengthy every bond roll. This all cause wide-format engineering paper is superb for unique printing and imaging, copying maps, architectural and construction plans, even picture design art work. Our 20# engineering roll bond merchandise are designed to fulfill the productivity requirements of your device regardless of which logo or manufacturer you operate from low volume to high output production systems. large layout copier roll bond paper made within the united states of america - all general copier sizes from 24 inches extensive and up right here.   

2 rolls 36 x 500 36 inch x 500 foot 20lb bond plotter paper with 3 core product for graphic supplies use in xerox ricohPerfect for use in Xerographic copiers including: OCE®, Ricoh®, Xerox®, KIP® and Large-Format Copiers Engineering Paper

Product Information and Details

American Made Recognizing Wide Engineering Architecture Roll Bond Papers high quality bond media wide format sizes

  • Weight - 20LB - 20#
  • Opacity - 91%
  • Brightness - 92
  • Caliper - 3.9MIL
  • Smoothness - 150
  • Core Diameter: 3" inches
  • Roll Width: 11" 15" 17" 18" 22" 24" 30" 34" or 36" wide paper roll rolled on a 3 inch core
  • Roll Length: 500' feet each roll
  • Carton Qty: 2 rolls per carton/unit
  • Configuration: Untaped (not for use in older, before 1987, Xerox wide-format solution printer copier)
    This product fits virtually any xerographic copier, including:

3036, 3650, 3660, 4037, 4038, 4039, 4800, 5025, 5800, 5804, 6030, 6036, 6080, 6090, 6710, 6720, 6750, 6780, 6800, 7036, 7800, 7810, 7820, 7850, 8036, 8800, 8810, 8820, MARK II,
3000E, 3500E, 4000E-1, 5000E,

1220D, 1220E,

1080, 1220, 1800, 1880, 2700, 2720, 2800, 2900, 2950, 2980, 3400, 3600, 3610, 3620, 3800, 3820, 3830, 3850, 3880, 3900, 4290, 7060, 7070, 7090, 7095, 9010, 9810, 9820, 9900, DP-36, DP-3610, DP-3630, DP-4200, Screen 36, Starprint 2000, Starprint 2710, Starprint 3000, Starprint 4000, Starprint 5000, Starprint 6000, Starprint 8000, Starprint 9000, Starprint 9020,
USA 3200, 3210, 7000, 7025, 7050, 7051, 7055, 7056, 7100, 7300, 7350, 7360, 7530, 7600, 9036, 9050, 9300, 9400, 9500, 9530, 9535, 9555, 9575, 9600, TDS400, TDS600, TDS800

Bond Engineering Wide-Format-Supplies Google+

wide-format paper terms to know here are:

Three inch core roll - is the  recycled cardboard like paper hollow center tube which the 20# Engineering Roll Bond Paper is rolled onto. The 3 inch hole in the middle is the Core Diameter, which is 3 inches in the hollow center tube. The tube in the core of the roll is recyclable, sturdy and the three inch core fits only copiers or printers that use 3 inch core rolls.

Xerographic - A term created from the root word 'Xerox'.  Xerox was the first user of this large format copier technology and began by using Only 3 inch core paper rolls. Therefore, other large format copier printer manufacturers beget this technology in other machine large copier printers, in turn, manufacturers strived to create a word that was Xerox like yet different. Hence the word Xerographic (any time you year it you know the toner and paper media used would be equivalent sizes and user stats to that of Xerox)

Opacity - the degree to which light is not allowed to travel through.

Untaped - The 20 LB bond roll engineering paper is Not taped to the 3 inch core hollow tube center. Earlier models of Xerox copiers required engineering bond paper that was taped to the core, therefore, when the printing job was nearing the end of a roll - the wide format copier would sense the tug at the end of the roll and suspend the job until more paper was added.  Taped to core engineering bond papers would act as a breaking system to the machine. After the late 1980's all engineering copiers developed copier/printers/plotters that employed a self breaking system which no longer used the taped to core paper rolls.  It is not recommended to run 'taped to the core' large format paper rolls in a machine that requires untaped roll paper.


 Here is a link that will take you to Taped to Core engineering bond.    1ZKA5164F0300269354

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    Laser Bond, 20 lb, 24 x 500, Dietzgen Copier Hi Brite Laser-Cut Rolling Laser-Cut Bonded Rolls Untaped are HERE. We have you covered. Oce, Kip, Ricoh, a Saver for Xerox only in American used offices..
    • 20 lbs Engineering Bond / Laser Bond, 30" X 500', 2 Rolls
      Laser Bond Paper 30" Width to fit and Roll of 500-foot. 92 Bright 20 Lb Bright White Pack Of 2 Rolls, 20 lb paper suits the applications that Office Wide-Format requires....
    • 20 lbs Engineering Bond / Laser Bond, 36" X 500', 2 Rolls
      Laser Bond, 20 lb, 36 x 500, 2 Rolls three inch core Copier Paper 20 LB Engineering Paper Bond Laser Dietzgen Roll Media for Xerox®, Ricoh®, Lanier®, KIP®, Oce®, Mita®, Mutoh® 3" middle is America's...







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  1. 2 Days Ground

    Posted by Shawn on 5th Sep 2016

    Fast Paper Rolls for our Printer came in 2 days ground. Wow! Thank you.

  2. Im happy

    Posted by Jerry on 3rd Sep 2016

    Good Customer service and Great Product!

  3. Bond for Engineering Printer

    Posted by Carroll on 31st Aug 2016

    Wide format paper com has always provided fast service and good customer service on our 36" x 500 machine

  4. Im glad plotter paper is here

    Posted by Scott on 6th Aug 2016

    Whatever claims are out there let this set it all apart. We tried all the BIG stores and claims, after wrong order deliveries and no one that knew anything by calling them on phone we then tried here. We now have been ordering from wide format paper com for 3 years. Amazing how time fly's.

  5. Fast on the Thirty inch and good paper

    Posted by Fran on 5th Aug 2016

    Very good.

  6. Perfect fit core and roll

    Posted by Memphis City Electric on 1st Aug 2016

    Our Ricoh Aficio fw770 thanks you!

  7. Solved Paper Jam

    Posted by Frank on 1st Aug 2016

    This paper did it. Seems like it fixed our printer.

  8. Easy

    Posted by Kim on 30th Jul 2016

    Easy printable and good service every time.

  9. FASTER than others

    Posted by Greg on 2nd Jun 2016

    Engineering Paper Rolls get here quick and in great quality.

  10. Best engineering paper roll

    Posted by Carla on 3rd May 2016

    Always fast. Paper does not jam

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