HP Wide Format Paper 36" Printer 2500 cp Designjet

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156.00 LBS

Designjet 2500CP 36" paper, media, printer with built in PostScript which generates high performance large-format, E-size color prints using HP Proprietary Thermal Inkjet technology. It has an all-new ink system that provides 600 real dpi. When doing a job for outside this one will allow use of UV ink to better withstand the sun. Keep large-format media sizes at Coated paper; longest roll use shold be 150.0 ft; Heavyweight coated and glossy paper; a recommended 100.0 ft would be length size and when using High-gloss white film one may wish to go no larger than 70.0 ft roll size. HP ink wide-format are Black C1806A, Cyan C1807A, Magenta C1808A, and Yellow C1809, papers and media are available here on site.

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