Inkjet Mylar

Inkjet Mylar supports the wet ink using Wide-Format Printing Mylar Paper machines as Designjet, IPF Canon, Epson and some Oce machines. One may read here on our site about how important it is to choose the Mylar-Sheet or Roll that your machine recommends for not just any mylar works wonders like ours. Actually, others can harm your HP or Canon, Epson printer to a degree that one could not recover the machine from. 

Inkjet Mylar Film

Our presentation of 18 inch through 36 inch Mylar Wide Format Inkjet Printing with ink Media and Wide Format Roll of (2" Core) are made to factory specifications for your inkjet printer just as our inkjet bond papers are formulated for perfect hassle free results.Film 2 inch Core Mylar Roll

+ 24" Wide Format Mylar ✔ 2 inch Core

+ 30" Wide Format Mylar ✔ 2 inch Core

+ 36" Wide Format Mylar ✔ 2 inch Core

HP and Inkjet mylar-size allows for a thickness of:

"3-mil" Double-Matte Roll Mylar Film Size

This one (3mil) is the thinner thickness with all the longevity plastic-like media attributes.

"4-mil" Double-Matte Roll Mylar Film Size

This one (4mil) is the thickest media printing material that your inkjet will pull and or the roll will fit on your machine with all the longevity media attributes. Clear-Mylar only comes in 4mil for use of HP, Epson, Canon and American Inkjet printers.  You can find links to these just below

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