Kip 3000 Toner

Here are some questions we have been asked recently about KIP 3000 - You are welcome to write or reach us with any of your own.

1 - Where would I buy paper for the 3000 Series of KIP - Duah - here (we said that with a smile)

2 - What mil of Mylar is best for KIP 3000 - KIP recommends 4 mil  (stay with Engineering Mylar)

3 - What is the largest Roll I can run - 36 inches wide X 500 feet in length (UnTaped Roll for KIP)

4 - Can we put more than 2 rolls on the 3000 - Yes, Rearward stacking systems are available for the KIP 3000.

5 - What paper colors are available for it - Blue tint, Green tint, Yellow tint, Pink tint

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