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Large-Format Wide Prepared Printing Paper, Rolls 20lb Inkjet Saver Bond Large Format Plotting Papers

Our Large Inkjet Saver Box of rolled Bond Large-Format Media Rolls continue daily printing. Choose your US Size you need above and we include shipping in the 48 American Made States.  Here 20lb# Roll Bond Size Roll Recommended for HP, Canon, Epson, Oce all 2 inch core 22", 24", 30",24", 36", 42" Wide-Large Format Printer Paper or Copier Machine use in America. The paper whiteness 92 Bright and allows for crisp, clear ink acceptance on our 0730 Wide Format Wide-Format Paper Rolls. Our monochrome inkjet bonds are extensively tested for performance and quality. You will see a wide-format-paper-roll consistency of superb image quality from roll to roll each time you order our paper. American Paper; each roll is bagged in water proof thick plastic bags and thick boxes giving travel quality and security. Fresh from the mill. Did you view this last OFFER?

  • Core Size: 2.0" Basis       Information for you Click on drop-down box (to the right of the photo above) to see all sizes.

  • Wt - 20lb 75.2gsm            Information for you More Information coming soonclick to right of arrow Coated Wide-Format Roll Papers for Color Printing under 24lb Above under Coated

Many Large-Format Paper Rolls, Oce and Xerox may now take 2 inch Core Rolls more ....Perfect for use in Hewlett-Packard, Canon, Oce, Epson, any wide format inkjet plotter with a 2 inch paper core. American Made Wide Format CAD Inkjet Paper for 131 years.  


Does it work with?

Yes or No








YES 2 inch core models


YES with Xerox 8265 and up


Large-Format Inkjet Media Rolls

Features & Benefits

Image Quality :
Superior image quality.

Smooth Surface :
Allows for crisp, clear ink acceptance

Economical  :
Makes it the perfect choice for check prints and general purpose plotting

Market Applications

  • CAD Printing
  • Check Prints
  • Production Prints

Paper used in :  (partial list)

HP Designjet 1050c Plus Printer (C6074B)
HP Designjet 1055cm Plus Printer (C6075B)
HP Designjet 110plus nr Printer (C7796E)
HP Designjet 110plus Printer (C7796D)
HP Designjet 130 Printer (C7791C)
HP Designjet 130gp Printer (C7791E)
HP Designjet 130nr Printer (C7791D)
HP Designjet 4000 Printer (Q1273A)
HP Designjet 4000ps Printer (Q1274A)
HP Designjet 4020 42-in Printer (CM765A)
HP Designjet 4020ps 42-in Printer (CM766A)
HP Designjet 430 Printer (E/A0-size) (C4714A)
HP Designjet 4500 Printer (Q1271A)
HP Designjet 4500mfp (Q1276A)
HP Designjet 4500ps Printer (Q1272A)
HP Designjet 4520 42-in Printer (CM767A)
HP Designjet 4520 HD Multifunction Printer (CM769A)
HP Designjet 4520ps 42-in Printer (CM768A)
HP Designjet 500 24-in Roll Printer (C7769B)
HP Designjet 500 42-in Roll Printer (C7770B)
HP Designjet 5000 Printer (C6090A)
HP Designjet 5000ps Printer (C6091A)
HP Designjet 510 24-in Printer (CH336A)
HP Designjet 510 42-in Printer (CH337A)
HP Designjet 5500 Printer (42 in) (Q1251A)
HP Designjet 5500 Printer (60 in) (Q1253A)
HP Designjet 5500PS Printer (42 in) (Q1252A)
HP Designjet 5500PS Printer (60 in) (Q1254A)
HP Designjet 800 Printer (24 in) (C7779B)
HP Designjet 800 Printer (42 in) (C7780B)

HP Designjet 8000sr Printer (Q6670A)
HP Designjet 800ps Printer (24 in) (C7779C)

HP Designjet 800ps Printer (42 in) (C7780C)
HP Designjet 815mfp (Q1279A)
HP Designjet 820 MFP (Q6685A)
HP Designjet H35100 Commercial Printer (CH104A)
HP Designjet H35500 Commercial Printer (CH105A)
HP Designjet H45100 Commercial Printer (CH106A)
HP Designjet H45500 Commercial Printer (CH107A)
HP Designjet T1100 24-in Printer (Q6683A)
HP Designjet T1100 44-in Printer (Q6687A)
HP Designjet T1100 MFP (Q6713A)
HP Designjet T1100ps 24-in Printer (Q6684A)
HP Designjet T1100ps 44-in Printer (Q6688A)
HP Designjet T1120 24-in Printer (CK837A)
HP Designjet T1120 44-in Printer (CK839A)
HP Designjet T1120 HD Multifunction Printer (CK841A)
HP Designjet T1120 SD Multifunction Printer (CM719A)
HP Designjet T1120ps 24-in Printer (CK838A)
HP Designjet T1120ps 44-in Printer (CK840A)
HP Designjet T610 24-in Printer (Q6711A)
HP Designjet T610 44-in Printer (Q6712A)
HP Designjet Z2100 24-in Photo Printer (Q6675A)
HP Designjet Z2100 44-in Photo Printer (Q6677A)
HP Designjet Z3100 24-in Photo Printer (Q5669A)
HP Designjet Z3100 44-in Photo Printer (Q6659A)
HP Designjet Z3100ps GP 24-in Photo Printer (Q5670A)
HP Designjet Z3100ps GP 44-in Photo Printer (Q6660A)
HP Designjet Z3200 24-in Photo Printer (Q6718A)
HP Designjet Z3200 44-in Photo Printer (Q6719A)
HP Designjet Z3200ps 24-in Photo Printer (Q6720A)
HP Designjet Z3200ps 44-in Photo Printer (Q6721A)
HP Designjet Z6100 42-in Printer (Q6651A)
HP Designjet Z6100 60-in Printer (Q6652A)
HP Designjet Z6100ps 42-in Printer (Q6653A)
HP Designjet Z6100ps 60-in Printer (Q6654A)

Operating Conditions
Wide Format Inkjet Media, our Wide Format Paper Rolls, works best in controlled operating conditions. Recommended operating conditions are: Relative Humidity 20-70% and Temperature 65-85°F. Dry time for your image will vary depending on printer, ink volume and environmental conditions of your plotting area.

Storage Conditions
Always store your Wide Format Inkjet Media or your engineering paper rolls in a cool dry area. It is best to keep your storage conditions within the same guidelines as “Operating Conditions” stated above. If your storage conditions are not similar to operating conditions, we recommend that you allow the Wide Format Media to acclimate to the operating conditions before commencing the printing process.

Media Handling
Inkjet printing should be done on the preferred side of your Wide Format Paper Rolls. Preferred side is always on the outside of the roll unless otherwise noted on package. Be sure to handle Wide Format Inkjet Media from the edges. Do not handle within the image area. Dirt and oils from your hands can cause inks to repel, resulting in poor imaging. Always return unused media to its original packaging.

Over-laminates can provide effective protection of your image from moisture and limited protection from UV fading of the inks. Another reason to use a laminate is to add or diminish gloss on your final image output. Both hot and cold laminates are available with varying results. It is important that your image be completely dry before laminating. Failure to wait until the image is dry may cause your print to de-laminate in time.                                      Find us on Google+ Steve A.

Archive Characteristics
Our Wide Format Inkjet Bond is derived from wood pulp base and is not considered archival.

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