Mylar Clear Roll

One will find our Mylar Clear Rolls Inkjet designed delivering high quality clear multi-layered imaging film, signage, drop box lighted printing and overlays. Clear Film is highly suitable for full color imaging in most if not all American media printer applications. Clear Film Roll Mylar (film because the printing media is totally clear, as a clear plastic; close example the feel and transparency capabilities of film used in a camera or a school teacher's overhead projector in which the teacher uses a clear mylar cut sheet and a pigment, thermal or dye based ink pen).
If one were to compa
2-inch core Mylar Wide Format Paperre our clear mylar printing media to others, one would find wide-format paper interleaf printer edge recognition to ensure proper wide-format inkjet printer alignment. While we have other wide format media mylar on the site that is compatible with heat treated printing, this material is only compatible with HP Dye Ink Designjet wide-format printer as well as Canon, Epson, Encad and 2 inch core Oce printing as well as other American printing thermal dye inkjet printers of wide format and large format.

  • Core Size - 2.0"
  • Caliper - 4.0 mil
  • Opacity - 0% - clear -
  • Smoothness - 90


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