Engineering Mylar Rolls

SOLVED this is Engineering Mylar Rolls with 3 INCH Core. So, what is engineering Mylar and where does one find the type that will fit and keep good prints with correct temperature in Mutoh America made or Mimaki inkjet, Lanier, 3"core Oce and many more TOP Large-Fomrat Paper Copier that Rolls on and on R I G H T the first time.

Mylar Film Printing Rolls

Mylar is a brand name that has come to be commonly used when talking about biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate, or BOPET, a polyester film Mylar Roll in short term when presented for wide format media printing (and the different temperatures all large-format media printers copiers become activated mylar to toner or if ones printer uses ink then there is a different processed Mylar Film Roll

What is Mylar ? 

The name much like people commonly say Kleenex when referring to tissues. Mylar is a Dupont created strong and transparent, often used as a coating on paper, giving it a wide range of uses. By the 1970s, Mylar had become DuPont's best-selling film. Mylar is now a product of a joint venture, DuPont Teijin Films.

DuPont says Mylar is used across the world "in the electrical, electronics, magnetic media, industrial specialty, imaging and graphics, and packaging markets."  Use ranges from those engineers that lay out and build boats to airplanes as well as government; city, county, state long term archiving printed sheets from land surveying to building schematics.... read more what is mylar?

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