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  • Product - Plotter Paper. Roll Paper 20lb USA Made. Many Sizes 17x150,18x150,22x150,24 x 150,30 X 150,34x150,36 X 150",42x150,11x150,24-x-300,30x300,36x300,42x300,22x300,13x19,17x22,18x24,22x34,24x36
  • 730 ole trusted inkjet plottable us hp designjet and more roll
  • Wide Plot Paper CAD Rolls 20lb 730
  • Large-Format Plotters Papers
  • Products of CAD software printing use for  Check Points Plotter Paper, 20# Plottable BOND Roll Papers (000-730)

Plotter Paper, 20lb Plain Plotting Papers

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Product Description

Engineered, Designed for Inkjet HP Designjet Plotter, Canon IPF, Epson 9800 Printing Paper and MORE. Oce Printer CAD-Plotters Rolling Ink-jet Media Big Size Printing Papers. Format using Pen and Inkjet Wide Prints for Directions in Plotting

Plotter Inkjet CAD Printing Rolled PaperPlotter Paper Rolls 20lb Inkjet Bond for Wide-Format Inkjet Printer / CAD Bond Plotting Paper Uncoated

Today our American Made Product 20-lb (20 Pound)  Roll of 24" Available Printing Format, 30" Wide-Format Plotter Paper Rolls. One cay Lay Out Design or Roll Prints in High Quality Inkjet 24" Large-Format, Plotting CAD Bond Paper. 30" Media for Plotter, even 36" Wide showing 20lb and the Width of your Printing Dry or Wet Ink. 24" Wide Arranged Bond Paper Designjet designed for HP, Canon, Epson, Oce all 2 inch center core inkjet plotter printer large format plotter printing paper machines and today Universal Pen or Inkjet 24" Wide Set Bond Paper.

Plotter CAD Paper 30" Roll

Using plotters in the USA gives you sizes at 30 inch wide sheet laser cut sized on a Roll. White, Absorbent 20 lb Plot Inkjet Papers Roll of TOP paper whiteness 92 Bright and allows for crisp, clear ink American Freedom Plotting Inkjet Bond Papers Roll near you in USA like Inkjet Plotter Paper 20lb 24" x 150 4 Rolls and more....acceptance. Our monochrome inkjet bonds are widely tried for best execution and quality. Pictures of 30 CAD Paper Rolls size are mostly found in saver box of 4 of them, saves shipping. You will see a consistency of magnificent drafting quality 1st time and every time you arrange our paper. American Paper; every plotter-cad paper roll bond is stored in water proofed thick plastic packs and then boxed in thickest cartons giving travel quality and security. Straight from the factory. OEM Wide-Plotter Paper Rolls Stats, Sizes: 22,24,30,36,34,13x19 paper, cut or center core 2 inch roll.

  • Core Size: 2.0" Basis       Information on 20lb INkjet Plotter Paper 30" x 150' 4 carton Click on drop down box (to the right of the photo above) to see all sizes.
  • Wt - 20lb 75.2gsm
  • Caliper - 3.9 mil
  • Brightness - 92
  • You Get 4 Rolls in ONE box
  • Highest Quality Lowest Price Free Shipping!!
  • Opacity - 91%
  • Smoothness - 150

more information on Saving Plotter Plotting Paper RollPerfect for use in Hewlett-Packard, Canon, Epson and virtually any wide format inkjet plotters

Plotter Paper Rolls

Plotter+Paper Standard Size Choices that are 20 LB Wide Plotter Paper Rolls are: Make your Choice above. Some plotter inkjet bond paper 20lbs sized example as in the 17 x 150  once was a saver box of 8 roll per one boxed carton

- New Customers also ask -
What is plotter paper used for? Best customer answer = A plotter is used for plotting.

What is the paper size for a plotter? The best customer's answer is = the paper size does not be greater than the printing area.

What paper size is a 36 roll? A favorite customer response has been =
 The paper size of a 36 Roll should not be less than 36" to be a 36 inch wide printer roll sometimes called size A0 Paper roll

18 Inch Wide Plotter CAD Inkjet Papers Roll Available
24 Inch Wide Plotter CAD Papers Most Large-Format Inkjet Printers Roll this A1 Size
30 Inch Wide Plotter Roll CAD/Papers Popular Large-Format Inkjet Bond Size
36 Inch Thirty-SIX inches Wide Plotter A0 Papers Great 36-in Size for Growth Inkjet Printers Roll 36" Width. (dpi on average use 600)
42 Inch Large Roll Wide-Format Plotter Papers up to the 42 inch and more.

2 Core Large-Format Plotter Ink-Jet Bond used in Plotting Printing often Black Lines on 24",30",36" Wide Large Printing Roll Format Economy Bond 20lb.

Large Arranged Paper / Perfect Plotter Image Quality Wide-Format Paper
Superior image inkjet bond quality. Set for the superior home quality for American plotting use in office plotter inkjet paint spraying nossle software CAD or Auto even Photoshop. US Plotter Paint Paper Inkjet Spraying Nozzles Design with Jets to roll printing; Printing applications such as Site Plans, Elevations, Detail to Renderings and Presentations. Spray Nozzle Applications: Specialist paint spraying project- apply a small paint  or plotting mark with sharp edges to often note completion of a mechanical, steel fabrication or mechanical step to the business model.

Matte Smooth Surface
24 Inch Plotter Printer Papers for wide format printing Allows for crisp, clear ink acceptance.

Makes it the perfect choice for check prints and general purpose plotting

Market Applications

  • CAD Roll Plotter Printing
  • Check Prints or called check Plots
  • Production Prints

Paper for Plotting used in :  (partial list)

HP Designjet 1050c Plus Printer (C6074B)
HP Designjet 1055cm Plus Printer (C6075B)
HP Designjet 110plus nr Printer (C7796E)
HP Designjet 110plus Printer (C7796D)
HP Designjet 130 Printer (C7791C)
HP Designjet 130gp Printer (C7791E)
HP Designjet 130nr Printer (C7791D)
HP Designjet 4000 Printer (Q1273A)
HP Designjet 4000ps Printer (Q1274A)
HP Designjet 4020 42-in Printer (CM765A)
HP Designjet 4020ps 42-in Printer (CM766A)
HP Designjet 430 Printer (E/A0-size) (C4714A)
HP Designjet 4500 Printer (Q1271A)
HP Designjet 4500mfp (Q1276A)
HP Designjet 4500ps Printer (Q1272A)
HP Designjet 4520 42-in Printer (CM767A)
HP Designjet 4520 HD Multifunction Printer (CM769A)
HP Designjet 4520ps 42-in Printer (CM768A)
HP Designjet 500 24-in Roll Printer (C7769B)
HP Designjet 500 42-in Roll Printer (C7770B)
HP Designjet 5000 Printer (C6090A)
HP Designjet 5000ps Printer (C6091A)
HP Designjet 510 24-in Printer CH336A and (Ch436a)
HP Designjet 510 42-in Printer (Ch437A)
HP Designjet 5500 Printer (42 in) (Q1251A)
HP Designjet 5500 Printer (60 in) (Q1253A)
HP Designjet 5500PS Printer (42 in) (Q1252A)
HP Designjet 5500PS Printer (60 in) (Q1254A)
HP Designjet 800 Printer (24 in) (C7779B)
HP Designjet 800 Printer (42 in) (C7780B)
HP Designjet 8000sr Printer (Q6670A)
HP Designjet 800ps Printer (24 in) (C7779C)
HP Designjet 800ps Printer (42 in) (C7780C)
HP Designjet 815mfp (Q1279A)
HP Designjet 820 MFP (Q6685A)
HP Designjet h45100 Commercial Printer (Ch404A)
HP Designjet h45500 Commercial Printer (Ch405A)
HP Designjet H45100 Commercial Printer (Ch406A)
HP Designjet H45500 Commercial Printer (Ch407A)
HP Designjet T1100 24-in Printer (Q6683A)
HP Designjet T1100 44-in Printer (Q6687A)
HP Designjet T1100 MFP (Q6713A)
HP Designjet T1100ps 24-in Printer (Q6684A)
HP Designjet T1100ps 44-in Printer (Q6688A)
HP Designjet T1120 24-in Printer (CK837A)
HP Designjet T1120 44-in Printer (CK839A)
HP Designjet T1120 HD Multifunction Printer (CK841A)
HP Designjet T1120 SD Multifunction Printer (CM719A)
HP Designjet T1120ps 24-in Printer (CK838A)
HP Designjet T1120ps 44-in Printer (CK840A)
HP Designjet T520 36-in Printer (CQ893A)
HP Designjet T520 24-in Printer (CQ890A)
HP Designjet T610 24-in Printer (Q6711A)
HP Designjet T610 44-in Printer (Q6712A)
HP Designjet Z2100 24-in Photo Printer (Q6675A)
HP Designjet Z2100 44-in Photo Printer (Q6677A)
HP Designjet Z3100 24-in Photo Printer (Q5669A)
HP Designjet Z3100 44-in Photo Printer (Q6659A)
HP Designjet Z3100ps GP 24-in Photo Printer (Q5670A)
HP Designjet Z3100ps GP 44-in Photo Printer (Q6660A)
HP Designjet Z3200 24-in Photo Printer (Q6718A)
HP Designjet Z3200 44-in Photo Printer (Q6719A)
HP Designjet Z3200ps 24-in Photo Printer (Q6720A)
HP Designjet Z3200ps 44-in Photo Printer (Q6721A)
HP Designjet Z6100 42-in Printer (Q6651A)
HP Designjet Z6100 60-in Printer (Q6652A)
HP Designjet Z6100ps 42-in Printer (Q6653A)
HP Designjet Z6100ps 60-in Printer (Q6654A)

Plotting Paper Rolls 20 lb Wide

Here one will find paper product 20lb Wide Plotter Papers that gives the USA supplies answer to the best designjet paper huge wide or 24" inkjet roll, plotter paper uncoated. Designed by engineering oldest US paper roll company, HP provides profiles for HP using plain bond paper types found here on this page. If you do not find the paper profile that you want check your menu screen on your printer first for Bond Paper or plain bond paper menu choices on your large-format plotter menu for paper profiles used on this page.

Operating Conditions
Wide Format Plotter IJ (ink-jet) Papers and or Printing Inkjet Media, works best in controlled operating conditions. Recommended operating conditions are: Relative Humidity 20-70% and Temperature 65-85°F. Dry time for your image will vary depending on printer, ink volume and environmental conditions of your plotting area where the plotter paper rolls are used.

Cad Papers Storage Conditions

Always store your Wide Cad Format Inkjet Media in a cool dry area designed for dry storage. It is best to keep your storage conditions within the same guidelines as “Operating Conditions” stated above. If your storage conditions are not similar to operating conditions, we recommend that you allow the Wide Format Media to acclimate to the operating conditions before commencing the printing process.

Plotting Media Handling of Paper

Inkjet printing should be done on the preferred side of your Plotter Roll or Laser Cut Paper. Preferred side is always on the outside of the roll unless otherwise noted on package. Be sure to handle the plotter paper rolls Wide Format Inkjet Media from the edges. Do not handle within the image area. Dirt and oils from your hands can cause inks to repel, resulting in poor imaging. Always return unused media to its original packaging.

Over-laminates can provide effective protection of your image from moisture and limited protection from UV fading of the inks. Another reason to use a laminate is to add or diminish gloss on your final image output. Both hot and cold laminates are available with varying results. It is important that your image be completely dry before laminating. Failure to wait until the image is dry may cause your print to de-laminate in time.

Archive Characteristics
Our Wide Format Inkjet Bond / plotter printing product paper is derived from wood pulp base roll and is not considered archival.


Warranty Information

All our plotter paper is USA secured for all wide-format inkjet printers American Office printing, home or even on the boat.

Other Details

17 in
18 in
22 in
24 in
30 in
36 in
42 in
150 ft
300 ft
Core Size:
2 in
3.9 - 4 mil = 20 lb
Plotter Bond Papers
Roll or Sheet:
88 - 91%
145 HP (CIE)
Basis Density Weight:
75 - 75.2 gsm

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  1. Such an easy place to get all sizes at once

    Posted by Girl named Sue on 13th Nov 2015

    Thank you all

  2. Great quality/better price

    Posted by Veronica on 19th Oct 2015

    Very satisfied with the paper and also the service from wide format paper. I have been order this product for at least 4 years and I never have a problem. The paper is affordable and great in quality

  3. Great purchase

    Posted by Sam A. on 27th Jun 2015

    Very satisfied with the quality of the product and the price is very affordable. I am a repeat customer.

  4. Great product, great product, great price

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Sep 2014

    This is excellent paper for plan sets, we print blueprints on these and the paper is acceptable sturdy for providing information to our field guys at a cost effective price.

  5. Exactly what I expected

    Posted by Thomas Johnson on 8th Aug 2014

    Product is great, very fast and free delivery, great price!!!

  6. Very good paper, YES we recommend

    Posted by GJ Gardner Homes on 3rd Mar 2014

    Paper best quality for the lowest price we could find. We have tried others, but we found we kept coming back here because they are trustworthy to do the right job the first time. Our customers depend on us and we need to be able to depend on our paper supplier, these people are the BEST!

  7. Best plotter paper

    Posted by Karen on 17th Sep 2012

    Best plotter paper! I made a mistake in our order and Steve called me and he had already fixed it and saved us more money. Thank you for looking out for us. Good people and good paper.

  8. Best plotter paper.

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Sep 2012

    Best plotter paper.

  9. Paper was great!

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    Paper was here the next day and we used ground!

  10. The paper was here fast.

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    We needed it.

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