Inkjet Bond, 24lb

Inkjet 24lb Uncoated Bond for Wide-Format Inkjet Machines Engineering at the best to Supply you with the most quality and quantity in your Presentation Performance bond paper at the low price. USA's 24lb Inkjet BOND departments allThank you for looking over American made.

Wide-Format Roll Paper for Inkjet. HP Ink-Jet 24-lb Rolls of paper a value of fresh paper local to your machine. THAT makes the difference in a quick good printing job and just a job.  Large-Format Roll after Roll to your printer dry ink or wet ink papers on demand.

A Sure Presentation Event PAPER

Planning and Presentation are portions demonstrating ones Power, and ones humility has in whatever part of Graphic Design Wide-Format Paper to Media one excepts the good ideas with the - flat lines.

24lb Uncoated allows a prevention utilizing a color variety cultured with love and a bit of pizzazz

Presentation Bond Papers

This product got the name presentation bond in the early 80's when architects and engineers recognized that  20lb Inkjet Bond was the perfect spin on low cost cad plots or test sheets. After the final rough draft was approved and complete with the team printing the show piece on a thicker 24lb paper gave the presentation with their client or customer a level up in quality which, in turn, gave the entire presentation a better display.




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