Satin Cloth Banner

Understanding which is the Wide-Format Media you wish to represent your end user result can often include Satin Banner Media Material.  We have one 6-mil (the 6-mil size is the recommended thickness for HP Designjets that print on this material HP 2000cp and up using the Heavy Weight Coated menu setting. More on the most popular uses and machines soon.

Our Satin Cloth 6mil Banner Media is a water-resistant, bright-white, 6 Mil semi-sheer satin cloth and has GREAT features signified by Best Wide-Format Satin Cloth Printing work in America by our Large-Format Media Cloth Satin. Features include

✔ Compatible with Dye, Pigment and Latex Inks
✔ Indoor and Outdoor Compatible
✔ Wide color gamut
✔ Water-resistant
✔ Unique Semi-Sheer look and feel

Applications for a customer's POP or Retail display or Inkjet Media Silk-Cloth Banners it give the project a SHINE. If your office is thinking of doing a display  that has the unique high quality-look your measuring range barometer goes from Silk-fabric sheen to Textiles fabric printing. While thinking of the possibilities and the wide-format inkjet printer or printers used in the project remember you are working with a Dye or UV ink compatible Inkjet-Media Silk Cloth.

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