Full Satin Color Sharpness Printing of Canon and HP. Media Printing Inkjet Size at the center of the roll being 2 (two) " (inch) Core (round hole center of roll open size).

Satin Wide-Format Photo Paper

Top Quality, remember the satin prints we would get printed, from our camera, years ago - as (when growing up). Printing done at the drug store or we walked to the "drop it off box" by Kodak. That is the satin printing level which comes to mind often when printing these satin photo rolls. One, today may find 24", 30", 36" by papers HP, Kodak, or Epson. Length 50', 75' or 100' rolls out a white printing media canvas to which satin is a good friend. America is printing large format and making the inkjets of today WIN the GAME in rolling splendid inkjet coloring.

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