T610-T2300 Printer HP 72 Ink

HP 72 is the same ink used for the hp t610 and the t2300 plotter paper printer does give one user an ease when the office decides to get a new Designjet larger than the infamous 24-inches wide-format paper holder in the building.

T610 Paper Roll 24" x 150(L) Here is a link to the saver box that fits this and the T2300 printer roll fresh and expedited to you. Many expensive wide-format inkjet plotting printers utilize our Inkjet Bond and find the 24# coated inkjet roll is the trusted formula with TOP-THE line of the printers printing result. Often it is the printers (YOUR) customer that has expectations.

HP 72 Ink/Toner & US PlotterPaper Printing Media for T610 - T2300

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