Translucent Paper

Today 750 begins a new start a new chance of your creation being just what you see in you mind. You know the Large-Format Inkjet Printer's Menu and you understand your customers menu and how to accomplish the impossible by thinking about thinner paper or something translucent not so much transparent. 

Translucent Bond

One may remember Vellum and how that thin 16lb as well as the 17lb gave an homage to the 18lb did incredible turnouts, however, not enough of America purchased them and the factory had to change production product. We had to think on our feet FAST. So transparenthesizing paper, the process Engineering Paper

750 Inkjet Translucent Bond

750 shows muscle when using vellums or opaque backdrops. Eighteen POUNDS thin smooth surface. Our translucent bond paper features acceptance to pencil and ink notations. 750 provides good toner and wet ink adhesion, print quality, line acuity with clarity across multiple print technologies printing Paper Media and Physical Properties.

Acid Free T-Bond

Core Size 2"- Caliper 2.9 mil - Basis Weight 41 g/m2 - Bond Weight 18 LB - Brightness 88 - Finish Matte - Opacity 71%
Smoothness 85 - Base material Paper - Structure Uncoated - PH Acid Free / ECF *All values are for reference only . Good print performance - Good toner / ink adhesion - Good line acuity - Good Image sharpness - Good black density.
Before laminating perhaps call and ask us about long term and how this acid-free paper holds up to others or just puts all out of the ballpark.

Over lamination is not required yet it may be considered, for all great minds think alike. It can provide additional surface protection from dirt, abrasion and moisture. Store unused media in its original packaging. Temperature 50-85° F (10-30° C) Relative Humidity 30-65% Processing Tips / Preferred side out

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