Tyvek Banner Roll

Tyvek® Printing Rolls for HP and Canon, Epson, Xerox Inkjet Graphics. Tyvek Media is a Material supplied here as your authorized DuPont® Tyvek media in rolls / sheets for printing signs, banners and US ready to Create brilliant banners for indoor or outdoor use. Universally compatible Tyvek rolls for printing allow you to get inkjet banner Tyvek paper material from Wide-Format Media Inc. Tyvek® is ready for the printing industry because of its durability, light weight, H2O resistant and smooth breathable as it is stable when pulled form all directions and just dog gone impossible to rip by hand. Cut it with scissors but one will not rip it with just the hand. DuPont® created to and we prepare it for your large-format printer.

906 Tyvek created by us from DuPont is Water Resistant Tyvek Banner is Universal on several levels one our water resistant Tyvek media wide-format paper roll is absorbent with any ink and printable with any wide-format printer universal with HP, Canon, Epson, Kip, Oce Tyvek sign media Fast, Accurate, Reliable Today.

Tyvek® large-format media made particularly for the inkjet printer. The base is built from DuPont™ Tyvek® and covered to give astounding picture quality and highest non ripping water opposition on plotter printing framework. One can make transient outdoor rain, wind and sun resistant, inside occasions, and due to the long print capacity our printable tyvek will last for longer than you will live.

  • water proof
  • Whiteness - >120 CIE
    • Gloss - (60°) <2.4-5
  • Caliper 8-10 mil
  • Weight 140 g/m2
  • Opacity >96

Find Tyvek Banner water proof, 10mil tear resistant banner material with an inkjet Canon, Epson, HP inkjet matte coating. Waste suitable for recycling or can safely be incinerated. Oce calls it IJTY and customers have even grommet-ed it as a banner from
the ceiling or in POS stands outdoor and indoor display. One can thermal laminate and know that it is the official United States government program efficient house assemble quality that does not quit. This is the US benchmark.

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