Ultra Fast Speed 20 lb

The Ammonia Printing System are now seen for their economy demanded by designers, construction and civil engineering industries. Our products find application in preparing drawings and topographical maps. We make sure that the products offered by us are developed with manufacture settings to par with industry standards and cater to the needs of the clients.

Ultra Fast Blueprint Paper, Drafting Papers, Diazo Papers, Blue-line

Papers used in ole-school printers like Gestetner, Dietzgen, Kohinoor, Diazit, and other Semi Automatic Ammonia Printing Machines are a specialty that were first used with grand popularity 60 years ago.

We are north America's prominent manufacturer and supplier of quality blueprint papers which are specially treated for Ammonia Blueprint Printing Machine use. We are engaged in offering a wide range of the best quality blueprint papers. This Ultra Fast blueprint paper and the range has been developed keeping the customer specifications in mind.

Blue print paper example sizes 18" x 24 and 24" x 36 are laser cut then special treated with a crystal feeling substance to deliver a light reactive paper used in ammonia printing blueprint printer.  This is not the paper one would choose to run through an inkjet plotter.  The first machine name that comes to mind is the “Blue Line” blue print machines, the “Blue Line” models is always ready to go at the flip of a switch with no warm-up and no wait. The papers in this area are special made paper that runs in a special ammonia printing system machine as the Blue-Line. Our line today we are most proud of is the Ultra Fast Blueprint Paper.

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