Compatible Water / Aqueous Wide Format Media


Water-based Compatible Wide-Format Media means USA prints with no hassle using either dye or pigment inks.  We have SO much more to offer plotter printing on a level that makes large-format printing on almost any paper with any ink.  Most of our products are not on the website so feel encouraged to speak to your sales rep here 888-450-1542 and find out what is available for Dye or Pigment inks. Here is a quick over look of products being added.

9 mil polypropylene with permanent psa (matte)
8 mil photo paper with permanent psa (luster / gloss)
8 mil photo paper (luster / gloss)
8 mil backlit film (matte)
7 mil proofing paper (satin)
6 mil polypropylene film with low tack psa (matte)
4 mil wrapping paper (satin)
305 gsm 100% cotton textured rag (matte)
300 gsm 100% cotton smooth rag (matte)
250 gsm 100% cotton rag (matte)
17 mil poly / cotton stretch canvas (matte)
11 mil tyvek® banner (matte)
100 gsm imposition proofing paper (matte)
10 mil proofing paper (satin)
10 mil proofing paper (satin)
10 mil photo paper (luster or gloss)

But WAIT! There is more,

98 gsm / 26# coated paper (matte)
9 mil polypropylene banner (matte)
8 mil coated poster paper (satin)
7.5 mil polyester fabric with low tack psa (matte)
7 mil polyester fabric (matte)
6 mil calendared vinyl with permanent psa (matte)
4.5 mil coated paper with permanent adhesive (matte)
4 mil coated poster paper with adhesive (gloss)
4 mil clear polyester film (gloss)
230 gsm premium paper (matte)
16.5 mil anti curl blockout film (matte)
15 mil scrim vinyl banner (matte)
132 / 170 gsm premium paper (matte)
11 mil wet strength paper (matte)
11 mil polyester blockout fabric (matte)
10.5 mil anti curl blockout film (matte)

In Wide-Format Printing the word aqueous, as in aqueous inks and paper that is best for aqueous colors (originates from water as in aqua) implies relating to, identified with, like, or within, H2O or dissolved in water.

Water is an excellent solvent and is also naturally abundant, it is the ever present solvent in chemistry. It is often called "universal solvent" because it dissolves more substances than any other liquid.

Aqueous is from Latin aqua "water; the sea; rain,"river," or "river, waters," the Latin root means "water, the sea, or rain." Often throughout written history Aqua is thought of as shades of greenish-blue color.

Aqueous is water based. Anything else is not.