Large-Format Printing Paper, Bulk 30" x 500' Copier Roll 44

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Bulk Shopping Papers for the Xerox 2510 Wideformat Engineering Copier, Cutter, Paper Printer are just as savvy as when shopping large format amount for the 2511 Xerox Engineering Copier.

Wide-Format Paper, Xerox Bulk 30" x 500' Copier Papers

These Roll on Truck to Your Office on pallets measuring a number of 88 individual Taped to the CORE Rolls. United States Mill Direct, Fresh, Moisture Free, No use of Acids and rolled to LAST as your Large Format Supply of Printing papers from us to you.

30 inch performance bond roll papers print the Xerox universal sizes and fit the universally on

  • Xerox Copiers 2510, 2511, 2515, 2520 Large Wide Format Copier and Cutter
  • Xerox 3001, 3030, 3040, 3050, 3060
  • Xerox 6204 and Xerox Engineering 6279 Copier

Buy paper ready to roll in your Xerographic 30 inch plain paper for cost-effective everyday easy jam free printing, copying, scanning or cutting.

You Get A Pallet of 44 Rolls Delivered for one saving price

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