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(3" centercore) - Large-Format-Paper

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Large Format Roll Paper 3 inch core (3" core) Wide format paper rolls for all printers and large format copiers used in America today

Three inch center core large printing paper

Wide format paper 3 inch core is an American story line in printing.  Xerox® paper rolls wide format solutions to use a 3" core and there wide format roll paper with a 3 inch core began.  The three inch core (3 " Core) added more stability as the early largeformatpaper copiers became faster and larger.  You will find HP had the 2 inch core idea and wide format Xerox® paper (became known as Wide Format Xerographic paper rolls).

Using several ideas of toner application as the wide format paper industry revolutionized the 3" Core wide paper rolls became a format of distinction.  Everyone knew if they saw a wide format paper roll with a 3 inch core that it was most usually a high speed copier behind the torque power.  Speeds increased so rapidly that the 3" core rolls proved themselves time and time again for the faster to almost fast emough to catcu up with opurelves or (ultra fast) Bllueprinting Rolls of SPcial made blue printing mystery as some wide format copier rolls were being....

Copying Engineering Best Grade Papers, Engineers Bond, 20(paper thickness)lb

Product Description

Large Printer Size Engineering Copier Paper / 20 LB laser cut - Large-Format Copy Papers

20-lb wide format copier paper rolls made to deliver crisp lines great charts and presentations mass amount of copies or just a few for a smaller group. Copy roll paper American made recommended for any large format copier used in America that uses a 3 inch core roll paper. Untaped bonded roll paper. Our wide format copy bond roll paper 20 LB (also called laser paper) 



  • Inside Core Diameter: 3"(three inches)
  • Roll Printing Area Width: 18" 22" 24" 30" 36" and for more Roll Width sizes
  • Roll Length: 500'
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Oldest most trusted brand on the internet
  • Carton Qty: 2 rolls
  • Acid free - will not yellow or crumble with time
  • Configuration: Roll Ready to Print made it FRESH in USA today!