Buy Large-Format Rolls & Definitions What,Why,How by WideFormatPaper co

Buy Large-Format Rolls & Definitions What,Why,How by WideFormatPaper co

Posted by steve a on 9th Aug 2015

Definition: Large & Wide - Format Paper, Inkjet Media, Photographic Wide-Format Paper Rolls

Office conventional 8.5 x 11-inch sheet paper, or size A4, is not always best when wide-format drawing, drafting, plotting or printing larger format professional paper. Wide-Format Paper is needed for archival records (as in land surveying and applying for city or county permits to begin construction on a home or building) Established users over many years have printed, laid out and drawn over-many-years to certain prescribed sizes that government offices will receive to file... and we have life size photos now, retail large size displays and more and more uses described and explained below

2 inch core - Should make one think "This roll has a two inch center core with paper rolled around it - inkjet is that size! The size of the center core of printing roll media. Most wet ink (inkjet) large-format printers traditional sizes are still at a 2 inch core for bond paper.

3 inch core - center core size of the printing roll media. 3 inch is propitiatory to the printer in use. Most dry ink (toner) large-format printers and copiers are still rolling 3 inch core for bond paper.

This list is going to grow we are adding to this daily. Large Format Papers American information as we grow this detailed list of Media-Large Format and more.... here is a good place to start

36" Large-Format Paper - 36 INCH Wide Formatted Papers in Roll or sheet for today's large-format printer paper size in usa - A0 is also 36 INCH wide

A0 wide-format papers An American page size that is (36 inches x 100 ft) shorter roll length or longer 36" Wide-format-inkjet Paper economy 36" 150' 2" Core or 36" 500' 3"Core rolls.

A1 Wide-Format Rolls American page wide printing paper roll size that is 24 in x 100 ft also longer A1 24″ x 150 ft large-format

A4 An American page size that is 8.5 x 11.0-7 inches.

Absorbent Papers having the specific characteristic of absorbing liquid-INK, aqueous ink, wet solvent ink dye pigment and more. 

Accelerated Light Testing Wide-Format Equipment is used to expose paper, media and materials to light, at elevated energy levels, more concentrated than the actual light source.

Adhesive Wide-Format Paper Adhesion is a coherent bond between two surfaces. A substance capable of holding materials together by surface attachment.

Adhesion Wide-Format Paper Adhesion, Initial Force required to remove a pressure sensitive material from a substrate (Important: this force can only be measured under specific, standardized conditions) to obtain reliable and comparable results.

Adhesive Peel about Paper Wide-Format with an adhesive just a peel off the back, Peel Peel adhesion, measured 20 minutes after the self-adhesive material has been applied.

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Adhesion, Wide-Format Paper Self Adhesive max Peel adhesion, measured 24 hours after application of the self-adhesive material.Wide-Format Papers Adhesive, Permanent An adhesive that provides permanent bond to a wide-format variety of media surfaces. Wide-Format Adhesive Removable A pressure paper sensitive adhesive characterized by low ultimate adhesion to a variety of surfaces.

Adhesive, Reposition-able offers a Large-Format Paper adhesive that permits removal and re-positioning shortly after application, prior to development of ultimate adhesion.

Application Wide-Format Printing Paper creating Wide-Format graphic Art for a specific purposed method. This can include materials, printing, finishing and construction methods.

Adaptive Media Thresh-holding in Large-Format Paper Printing - Wide-Format Media Printing with Advanced 2-D Adaptive Thresh-holding estimates the background gray level in a window area around each pixel. Here one is looking at wide format printing black – white – grey tones. The difference between the actual pixel value and the background is then compared to the large format adaptive settings to determine if a pixel is up to maximum as a black or a white pixel.

Additive Paper Wide-Format Media Paper Printing Colors: Wide Format Primary Additive Wide-format Media colors are red, green and blue. These additive primaries represent the three main components of white light. Used individually or together, these three colors of light can be mixed to create nearly all colors (this depends on the brightness of the white wide-format papers also) When these three primary colors are mixed in equal parts they produce white. Additive color is used in scanners and computer displays.

Adhering Self-Adhesive Wide-Format Media: Adhesive Wide-Format Paper allows purpose of end user to create beautiful point of purchase media wide format.  Peel and stick papers roll out perfect new polymer printing media materials for office, business products or building materials for end-user to post information about their business in windows or signage outside or inside. Paper Wide-Format Supplies & Wide-Format Media asks that you allow some time to understand the tacky or tack level of the large-format media – HP self-adhesive and compatibles give GREAT tacky wide format levels of permanent and repositioning media.  Using a squeegee not unlike the kind used to clear a car window of water at the pump is MOST helpful as it pushes out last min air bubbles and gives flat wide-format poster look smooth surface.

ADL+ Error Diffusion in Media-Wide-Format Half toning: Remember that large format paper and quality large format media Image Processing that supports visibility of gray tones in printed output by adding toned shades of gray in regions between black and white. Carried out as a segment of Dual 2D-Adaptive enhancement processing in copy modes. 

AF & PA American Forest & Paper Association. An organization that coordinates the many different needs of the broad- based paper and paperboard industry.

Air; An amount of white space in the Wide-Format Printing layout.

Air Dried Paper Paper dried by any time of direct contact of heated or ambient de-humidified air.

Alkaline Paper Paper having pH values greater than 7 and made by using an alkaline sizing process. Less to non acid trace on these.

Alkali Proof Paper
A paper, either white or colored, which does not discolor when in contact with alkaline materials and lasts longer does NOT yellow. Papers on rolls or sheets can still hold ink after such as soap.
Careful selection of fibers and coloring matters is necessary, but no particular strength or purchase amount  requirements need be met. Many book papers are sufficiently alkali-proof and glassine and waxed papers - when printed for via artist mostly.

Align; To line up Wide-Format typeset or other graphic material as specified, using a base or vertical line as the reference point. Most new machines help you along here, however, recognize your paper core roll can cause printing out of alignment if itself is not factory rounded.

Apron; An area added additional white space allowed in the margins of text and Wide-Format Paper illustrations, presentations when forming a foldout.

Archival Paper is an Inkjet Printable sheet or roll made for your wide-fromat printer that does not jam or wrinkle, stabilizes the acid in the recipe of paper making with an alkaline to give a base to cancel out the acid in the paper.  A true 100% acid free archival paper is Vellum. Vellum is what you seek. Archival Paper A paper that has long-standing qualities - acid free, lignin free, usually with good color retention. Standards and performance for the expected life of archival paper can be more than 100 years.

Art Wide Format Printing Papers; A smooth coated paper; wide format coated paper, roll, obtained by adding a coating of Kaolin clay compound on one or both sides of the paper or coated Wide-Format Media.

ASCII; American Standard Code for Information Interchange which is a standard format for representing digital information in 8-bit pieces.

Ash content in pulp may consists of various chemicals used during pulping/bleaching, mineral matter particles from wood or metallic particulates from pipes and other machinery can create this ASH Content that may swirl in the air during Large-Format Media Paper conversion in US size printing roll and sheets . Ash Content is normally swept or pushed away it is not important part of the paper pulp changed into our QUALITY printing paper roll. Ash is the residue left after igniting pulp at 525 0C (As per TAPPI T 211). Ash is reported in % of residue to dry pulp basis.  The standard procedure of measuring ash content is laid out in  TAPPI  T 211, ISO 1762


Backlit Wide-Format Paper print illuminated from behind. One can view these prints from the front with the back lighting off.  Wide-Format Media Backlit uses wide format media papers which, after printing, they are put in a special made box or lighting unit that delivers light to the project from the back - often you see this idea for movie posters or back lit inkjet printed posters - the light from the back gives it an opaque look and feel.

Bill Of Lading Transportation term referring to the contract between a supplier and carrier, listing number of packages, total weight, and address of destination.

Bleed Wide-Format Papers is the amount an image extends past the desired size of a wiide-format printing paper print. This extra image area allows for errors in sizing and positioning during finishing.
Wide-Format Papers Boat waking During lamination, uneven tension can cause ripples in the prints. Boat waking is when ripples originating at the center of the print extend diagonally out towards the edges.

Bitmap Wide-Format Media Printing to Large Format: An image format made from a matrix of individual pixels..bmp. Wide-Format Paper / Wide Format Printing Paper Roll

Bitmapped Wide-Format Image: A bit-mapped image a computer file representing a line-art image that was scanned to a scanner or uploaded and used for wide-format printing refers to the pattern (map) of bits that are either black or white.

Blueprint; Paper Wide-Format Media for Blueprints and printing of vector plot points often using CAD, CADD - or in the ole school actual Blue Line Blue-Printing Papers Sheet.  Cut measured sheets processed to be duplicating blueprint paper - Today available in Roll also.

Blue Wide-Format Paper offers blue large-format papers for printing 24", 30", 36", Blue Printing Papers make a GREAT blue wide format paper roll for presentations or any Blue Special Paper Wide-Format idea.

Boat waking During lamination, ripples in the prints caused by uneven tension. Boat waking presents
ripples originating at the center of the print and extend diagonally out towards the edges.

Bond Paper Wide-Format Roll or Large-Format Paper Bond Sheets gives special bond coated papers that are Wide-Format Media ready.  Many large formta paper, bond, are used as Bond Wide-Format Printing Paper

C line-horizont.png

C1S     Coated one sideC1s industry printing may often run at high speeds that insures no loose large-format roll paper can move freely and can be subjected to higher volume speeds. Our converting promises accountability within each single roll a direct inkjet Paper Rolls is demagnetized for YEARS and had kept large companies safe by fulfilling Plotter-Paper and Rolls complaining the demonetization process so that you don't an electric shock from your plotter. Always PRINT on roll side OUT

C2S     Coated on both sides.  - C2S means "coated two sides." These terms refer to coatings applied to paper by the paper manufacturer
Caliper     The Measurable thickness of paper expressed in thousandths of an inch.

Cart or Cartons are Wide-Format Paper Storage a source for end result of a Wide-Format Paper Stacker for all shipped wide format paper sizes arriving in great large format printing paper condition-

CAD Wide-Format Printing Papers

CAD Wide-Format Paper offers a pre cut CAD software driven Wide-Format Printer fast Printing at any size you can see on the CAD monitor.  The CAD large format paper printed offers great resolve for Wide-Format Architects and Engineers Paper Rolls and Sheets

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Calendared PVC A PVC (poly vinyl chloride) Wide-Format Sheet formed by means of system of cylinders, distributing and pressing the PVC into a sheet of the required caliper.

Caliper Wide-Format Paper distance between the 2 surfaces of a material, measured in microns.

Canon Wide Format Paper USA Wide-Format Supplies of Large-Format Canon Media is a definition for great quality to your American used Large-Format Printer.  Allowing Canon Wide-Format Paper Printing, gives you instant access to an ideal local media and paper setting for your compatible media.

Cast Coated Wide-Format Papers PVC A PVC sheet manufactured by using PVC onto a web of Wide-Format Media coated paper. This technique allows the production of PVC sheeting with low caliper, high flexibility and excellent dimensional stability.

Check Plot Paper covers a test of wide format paper to check the outcome of the printed papers.

Chemical Resistance The resistance of a material to the deterioration effects resulting from exposure to chemicals under specified conditions.

Coated papers wide format covered with a clay, kaolin based mineral and offers the perfect dried overlay coats the papers for a nice color printed presentation result.

Cockling refers a distortion in ones print that may present a wrinkling, wavy or rippled paper or an area that seems to swell which can disfigure the printed image. Simple fix is to pull back on the ink, lower the ink saturation so that the ink coverage will not cause paper fibers to swell. Large-Format Printing Media stored in a HIGH humidity environment may also cause Cockling.

Collection of Wide-Format Paper a collection of quality wide-format printing paper. Having the correct collection of approved papers means your large-format printing paper job will be a breeze. Get Engineering Paper and 20lb Inkjet Bond. Both Engineering prnting paper as well as 20lb inkjet bond will save you money for the office or home. Inkjet Engineering by wide-format paper.

Colored Wide-Format Printing Paper

Colored wide format paper - used to describe one of four colors used frequently in wide format paper engineering printing.  Standard colors are pink blue yellow green they are bond papers 20lb engineering bond.

    yellow wide format paper
    green wide format paper
    blue wide format paper
    pink wide format paper

color wide format paper - used in transition with coated color tint of various colors to the wide-format printing paper 3 inch core is often referred to the color ink to which the paper absorbs utilized with a wide-format inkjet printer popular HP Canon Epson.  This paper is a bond, premium bond, often called premium color bond or premium color coated bond even premium coated color bond inkjet.  Most often 24lb premium bond 28lb premium bond 34lb premium bond 36lb premium bond and higher.

Com wide format paper supplies identification to wide format paper and its location on the web. Wide Format Paper com the official premier location US wide format papers on the .com dial.

Compatible word is used to understand that the largeformat product is available that meets or exceeds OEM settings for performance of any media product.

Choose Options wideformatpaper com allows customer to look at other options or choosing to compare one to another.

Copier / Copy Wide-Format Printing Papers Rolled through the largest office copier a large format printer copier which often uses Toner and not ink for its application to the papers. Wide Format Copy Paper end result of using these printing papers. 3 inch core papers have a history of being used where as today one can find 2 inch core wideformat papers that also have the absorbency equaling the ole copier paper large format roll machines.

Core the center of roll large format papers with 2 inch Core required for 2 inch core large format printers, 3 inch Core Paper identified for largeformat copiers or toner use in printing machines

Cut Sheets Wide-Format offers a pre cut or pre sized wide format paper often a wide format paper cutter used 18", 24" or 36" by inch sizes in a variety of large format size.  Since we use the wide format paper cutter in cutting the sheets of papers for our customers the wide-format paper cutter and cutting at the end user has all but disappeared.  A HUGE solid steel cutter weighs bout 3 - 4 tons, The manual driven wide format paper cutter basically could cut through any wide format media or large format papers. A traditional cutter was manual and usually is composed of 3 or 4 cylindrical solid steel spokes shaped like balusters and all joined at a central hub or nave which housed the axle which when turned created a huge about of cutting weight on the papers or media.

D line-horizont.png

Density in largeformat printing papers often measured by the visual opacity of a photographic image on paper or wide format film.

Diazo Large-Format Papers the firstt Blueprint Wide-Format Papers available when the idea was first presented.

Dietzgen WideFormat Papers great clean group of American Made Paper plants and US agreements have made distribution of white, blue, green, yellow wide format printing rolls.

DIP Digital Image large format paper printing processor. This hardware is an embedded function that resolves image enhancement in real-time while wide format paper scanning.

D Size Architectural Wide Format Paper D Size Papers Architectural Paper Sizes at www wide-format-paper. com

DPI Dots per inch a measure used often in wide format printing. Many American large format printing machines start at 600 dpi and up giving output resolution produced by printers, image setters, or monitors.

Dry Ink / Dry Toner as the wide format printing market releases new printers competition is in place to overcome the idea that the consumer or user may have about the older name of Toner, which is dry. Therefore, the idea of Dry Ink, which is often a slightly different mix of chemicals presented to allow best end result in printing on Toner based machines.

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E 36" X 48" paper Size Wide-Format Printing Papers regarding North American ARCH wide large format paper sizes gives pre cut wide printing sheets 36" by 48". This 36x48 paper may be hand drawn blueprints or drafting wide format papers as well as printed with today's wide format printer using 2 core size printer or 3 core size large format copy paper machine or inkjet.

Eco Friendly Wide Format Papers 20 lb. Printing papers often called large-format Green Printing - Biodegradable Eco-friendly offering sustainable, green printing with recycled wideformatpaper large printing papers Eco-Friendly. Since 1453, the invention of the printing press, eco friendly green environment printing was available with cotton and linen. Today still available as well as our Eco-Friendly Wide Format Paper 20 lb. Recycled Laser Bond Papers (433)

Eco-Solvent Wide Printable Large-Format Paper: often an Eco solvent printable paper roll will communicate a good message with Latex printers and UV printers as well.- OK here is the inside printing scoop here. YOU have to deside the quality outcome for 98% of your printing between eco solvent and UV or Latex for each printer may not release the same expected results one may have. Therefore, ALWAYS better to test it first.

Engineering paper rolls a 3 inch core bond paper roll sited of being a wide format paper staples of our US economy. Wide format paper rolls 3 core 20 lb used by engineers in a myriad of engineering, civil, architect or any building drafting ideas

Epson Wide Format Paper Rolls best known for their large format Epson photo paper rolls. Incredible large printing papers. There have been large-format printer paper companies funding research after research to match colors in vivid detail which Epson wide format papers roll out in photo paper ideas.

Everyday Wide-Format Paper offered in a variety of sizes; the idea designed by HP large format paper shop division, allows everyday low prices to a wide format printing paper need in the home, office or business. Out of 609 items that we carry in everyday wideformat printing paper uncoated types, the everyday HP printing paper gives quality on a popular uncoated bond roll of large format sizes intended use often as cad wide format paper, used in concert with cad software. The Designjet HP printer paper 2 inch core large format printer use of the papers gets described as micro porous for maximum ink absorption as the absorption is inclined do to the fibrous bond media material which is actually bond papers not coated with stabilizers. Therefore, when printing wide format photo resolution one may want to look for a wide-format inkjet coated paper for desired effect.

F line-horizont.png

Feathering Wide-Format Media may be noticed most often on uncoated wideformat inkjet bond paper. Using costs conscience large format paper rolls may lead one to the end large format resolution of a few crisp lines that disappear, blurr and tangle into small fuzzy lines. This mystery is know as feathering. Holding wide format paper close or looking close into the print one notices the lines or image shows indistinct edges, wide format paper feathering happens when ink follows the fiber lines in the paper. Remember, large format paper is processed much as bees make their nest, one paper fiber at a time layered on top of the previous one placed over and over, therefore, one can say on uncoated wide-format paper supplies ink, in reality, may look absorbed, however, the ink spreads along the paper fibers creating a ragged edge look where you have printed. In turn, a blurry, wispy, random spread look of the ink appears. Black wide-format printing ink may not run along fiber lines as the thinner ink colors cyan, magenta, green etc do, hence, why many Architects and Engineers find uncoated printing papers work great, and are most cost effective, for their black drafts, drawings, copies, prints. There is a paper format supply in which wide paper feathering is resolved; see coated wide format paper, today's information here in our list notes by Wide Format Paper Store.

File Format Wide Paper Image, The format in which a scanned picture is saved. Several Auto CAD and Cad wide-format paper programs, also adobe large format paper programs can insert or import a picture from a file if saved in a file format which the program supports. Common file formats in large paper printing include TIFF (Tagged Image File Format), BMP (Windows bitmap), JPEG (Joint Photograph Expert Group), and FPX (FlashPix format). 30 wide format paper as well as 36 wide format paper scanners today often have more than 5 megs of memory to make the saving transfer easier.

FourSquare City Guide - What is Paper in Wide-Fomrat Printing any Media

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G line-horizont.png

GIF An acronym for photo format saving graphic interchange format. When sending wide-format blueprint papers or looking into wide format printing services and you wish it printed out to the good looking specs you created, talk to the one doing the large format printing job and qualify if they can use wide format inkjet paper for outcome. Gif is one of the standard image formats recognized by web browsers.

Grand Format Wide-Format Papers Printing Media, Materials on digital wide format printing paper printers 72 inches or greater in width.

Gray scale in you wide format supply paper media determines on the printer. On the canon wide format printer as well as the xerographic wide format printers the black and white photographic image or a scanner setting is variable and refers to the range of 256 gray tones that make up the image.

H line-horizont.png

Hardware The physical components of your wide-format printer or computer system, including any peripheral equipment such as printers, modems, and even the mouse devices. Wide-Format Supplies are found with us on bulbs, large-format print heads and ink needed. You are welcome to call us if not seen on websites - out of the 11,500 items we have in wide format printing supplies and services chances are we have it.

Wide-Format Head To Tail. A positioning of paper which requires that printing pages be laid out where the top of a page (head) positioned across from the bottom (tail) of the page opposite on the form.

Heat Set Wide-Format Ink and a Quick Dry. When inks used in high-speed web offset. Often they are set rapidly under heat and are quickly chilled. A quick drying process not unlike printing Vellum or Mylar film rolls; customers have often communicated to us that a hair blow dryer works well here for alternative.

Hickeys. When wide-format printing papers roll out with spots or imperfections due to dust, lint or dirt which shows in the printed image.

HP Wide Format Paper, Hewlett Packard, Large-Format Papers; Sheet, Roll and today's self adhesive new products. After the dot matrix printer and larger pen large printers, HP focused on the office place with Office Jet printers, in turn, new quality papers and the first HP Wide-Format Media became available. Next, the Designjet's launch potentiated better Color Photo HP Wide-Format Paper response. Still a trend setter, an inkjet Mogul, Hewlett Packard Large Format Inkjet Paper Rolls quality roll after quality roll.... 24" Paper Wide-Format H Designjet 500 paper and the new and improved response and speeds of the 500, 510 and up ..... more posts shortly ... HP Paper


Image on the papers, media or screen of the printer the word 'image' to wide-format printing media lends itself to the programming from using cad or hand drawn copies of drafting paper the end result image is our best goal. Therefore, one would consider the media recommended to use in the printer that prints the image.  Also, rather the image would look better on canvas, mylar, vinyl or thicker bond paper it is the choice here that will give a large portion of best results possible or worst outcome scenario. End result image is key to selling to your customers or your level of satisfaction.

imagePROGRAF some may have looked at the spelling and capitalization of the word and wondered, however, branding of Canon USA's latest inkjet prodigy at the release time made printing staff around the globe instantly ask questions. (imagePROGRAF iPF) a Canon creation superb in delivering color prints, posters and inkjet paper prints. One will find 2 inch core roll printing papers that roll IPF 8400, IPF 710 and many more Canon imagePROGRAF printers.

Imitation printing paper. Large format printer paper made with irregular distribution of fibers. One may wish to be aware that discount screamers on the internet may have, in reality, found a DEAL on papers they can buy and roll to fit printing machines when the papers are not processed for wide-fromat supplies leaving uneven printing, downtime and wrinkles. If the paper is all that cheap there is probably a reason. You will Not find imitation wide-format printing papers available here.

Ink coverage is the coverage at a particular surface point of the media. The depending variables are the large format printing paper one was using and saturation levels programmed at the dash board, in turn, depending on the image this also varies throughout an image.

IPF paper. IPF Canon printing media in bond, coated bonds, vellum and many more.

J line-horizont.png

Job Orientation is the Print Dimensions for Width and Height of a file in cue as in a plot check or referred to as a rough draft of the end product ahead to be printed. Height on the plotting paper test or end user product could also be referred to as length.

K line-horizont.png

Kodak Film could mean film we took to the pharmacy to have developed from our camera when in our teens. Known as the Eastman Kodak Company then, we just called them Kodak, they have taken the large-format American technology and have concentrated on imaging products and media, since their historic basis on photography the wide-format media move idea has helped the industry on many levels.

L line-horizont.png

Large-Format Paper a measurement used in the office often when printing sizes are larger than 11" X 17" or larger than the tabloid (11x17"). Most desk-jet printers will print large arrangements up to 24 inches yet it when the grand job asks for 30" or 36" in Large-Format Media USA that it becomes a larger printer that often uses rolls to do the job.  One can find large-format papers here on our site.

Large Format Printing

Over the past decade or two this term also used with wide-format printing is generally a consideration when printing sizes 11" X 17" or larger than tabloid (11x17").


Many of the dye based ink printings are often laminated, that is a covering a print with a waterproof polymer or plastic based, including liquids that may dry or harden to protect the prints.  There are cold and hot types of laminate available.  Cold us usually peal and stick process


Measured in the amount of degree a paper or printed piece will oppose an adjustment in shading when presented to light.


A nonexclusive term for any printing procedure wherein the picture region and the non-image region exist on a similar plane (plate) and are isolated by substance repugnance.

Long Grain
Paper made with the machine course longest sheet measurement.

M line-horizont.png


A noted symbol in the paper business assigning 1,000. Normally used to assign 1,000 sheets or two reams of fine paper.


Printing Media may not be the most widely used term in today's generation, however, at one time it amazed printing staff for the type of printing media (choose either of the top two) and that could be used in a wide-format inkjet printer (when processed for the machine) grew exponentially since the HP OFFICE Jet in the late, late 70's.  First DuPont called out a plastic type polymer, "Mylar" that set the city, county and federal governments on fire. Now Mylar is available and prints last at the courthouse for 200 years or longer.


Finish which displays high and low spots or glossy and dull zones on the printed sheet.

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Moisture in Media Large Format

Nearly every grade of paper has a percentage of moisture. Moisture in paper varies, depending on the relative humidity of the printing room and the storage room in range of 2 - 11.5% depending on room relative humidity, type of pulp used, degree of refining and chemical used. This is a GREAT moment to note to the times a customer has call us up and communicated that the printed large-format media will not dry and in some cases the ink has run. Most physical properties of paper undergo change as a result of variations in moisture content. However, placing your wide-format inkjet printer directly next to a door, especially one that is in constant use of traffic from the outside is not a brightest color in the tool shed idea. Water has the impact of plasticizing cellulose fiber and of causing inner fibers to relax and weaken the inter-fiber bonding. The electrical resistance and the dielectric constant of paper both vary with moisture content. The absorption and reluctance of positive bands of infrared and microwave radiation through paper are tormented by its moisture content material. the quantity of water found in a sheet of paper is typically expressed as a percent.  The quantity of water performs an critical function in calendaring, printing and the converting or changing process. Moisture management is likewise substantial to the economic factor of Large-Format Media Paper Printing. Water comes unnumbered towards a project yet poor moisture control can adversely affect any desired output.

N line-horizont.png

OO Definitions in US Large-Format Media Paper Roll


The amount of "show through" a sheet from one side to the other as light escapes opacity. High opacity makes it less likely that printing on one side may be visible from the other side. Therefore, the higher the opacity the more probable printing on one side WILL show on the Opposite side of the large-format media roll.

Opaque Ink

An Ink or Toner or another planned Media that covers all that could show beneath it.


Papers that have been opacified to achieve a high level of opacity and a minimum amount of show-through.


P Photographic Paper
The base paper used for time stopper tradition of photographic papers. Dimension ally stable, chemically neutral chemical pulp paper with wet strength properties, that must be free from contaminants. Today papers are coated on both sides with a thin polyethylene film. The cooking prevents chemicals and water entering the paper during development. This also permits shorter rinsing and drying cycles.
Playing Card Stock
A stiff board, usually made by pasting sheets to poloshdrinier paper, and given a coating which will take a high polish. Often just at 100pt paper
Pleading Paper
Also known as Ruled and Numbered paper, pleading paper is used in the legal community and refers to paper that has been per-printed with a single ruled line 3/8″ in from the right edge of the paper and a double ruled line 1 1/2 inches in from the left edge of the paper. Also, each row going down the left margin is numbered. On 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, the rows are numbered 1-28 or 1-25 depending on local requirements.
Poly Extrusion Paper
Paper used for plastic extrusion. Hot melted plastic is applied at the paper surface, so the base paper should be able to withstand heat.
Postcard Board
Postcard board is either slightly mechanical or wood free and calendared.



Rag Paper

Today it is usually referred to as cotton fiber paper. It is made from cotton cuttings and liners. Now in the USA rag paper made from vegetable fibers consisting of cellulose, such as cotton, hemp, linen,  and ramie. Rags are the most precious raw media printable material for specialized outcomes. Rag papers and rag-containing papers with admixtures of chemical pulp are used for banknotes, deeds, documents, books of account, maps and copperplate engravings and as elegant writing papers. They are also used in Printing LARGE-FORMAT special technical applications.


This means the product can be recycled or has begun the recyclable track. This applies to most large-format papers even if it is coated, waxed or otherwise treated.


Paper made at least in part from recovered fibers. There is no universally acceptable definition so requirements vary by specific circumstances. EPA requires post-consumer content in recycled papers purchased by federal agencies. But the FTC does not require post-consumer content in papers labeled recycled. Most U.S. governments and companies use the EPA standards, but there is no requirement. In Canada most companies use the terra-choice definition for recycle that does require minimum levels of post-consumer fiber.

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