Epson T5270 Supplies Truth Print Paper or Rolls Large-Format

Epson T5270 Supplies Truth Print Paper or Rolls Large-Format

Posted by steve a on 22nd Oct 2019

Truth about Epson T5270 and a bit more.

Supplies for those rolling the T 5270 Epson Surecolor in America. Delivering to the West side of Texas or east side of New Jersey, epson T5270 paper rolls ship from our warehouse near you to get large-format paper to you in roll or sheet always ready for plug or play printing. Bring it outside or inside using ground in most cases 2 - 3 business days.  Keep in mind much depends on the material your 36 inch or 44 inch printer is pulling.

The truth about Epson is the SureColor t5270 is AWESOME as a single roll holder or two rolls in holder.  When your customer cannot decide between you printing on vinyl paper roll or poster rolls for the outside banner they wish to order there is no hassle for you can immediately concentrate on lay out and design of their banner because the wide-format paper is covered here. One may wish to see the 36-in wide-paper and items the T520 will print

Epson T5270 printer

Those who gave Epson a try and found it working and working and working and NEVER complaining like Rosie on the Jetson's Cartoon. The 5270 is SO Smart one may think as the roll mover sweeps past your forearm, "She is A.I. with brains and her Favorite thing to do is P R I N T."