Ready Made US Ink jet Large-Format Printing Rolls

Ready Made US Ink jet Large-Format Printing Rolls

Posted by steve a on 20th Oct 2013

Did you know that if each of us spent just $64 on American made goods during a two month period, the result would be 200,000 new American jobs? This fact comes from Diane Sawyer of ABC news who did her research and encouraged America to be conscious about purchasing American products beginning 2013 Christmas. (here is a link to the Take our 'Made in America' Challenge Made in the USA)

Made in Rolls USA - Wide Format Paper

Now, did you know that the development of today’s processed paper we use in our Wide-format machines today was discovered, refined and implemented first in America some 140+ years ago? The paper industry was an “American revolution” that changed the world.  American paper is a benchmark setter for the rest of the globe.  We do paper Right.  There is a new slogan, Choose American Products and "Make a Job".  Yes, every time we choose to keep our money here in America by purchasing American products we create American jobs.  Choosing Wide Format Paper Rolls here is "choosing American".

American history of agriculture madewideinusa - Large Format Paper Rollsgave GEE first to architecture which gave them the right job to today's engineering with Gee(Right) and Haw(Left).

Gee would be the right side of your printer plow & Haw the left.  Since Gee and haw were the first English voice commands for an animal go into the right handed lane or turn on Gee and haw would be left. Historically ... Categories were Horse driving · Dog sledding of Agriculture · Animals and humans · Dog training today uses gee and haw as well as giving your dog a Saturday bath from stern and port (I have to ALWAYS include the fishermen).  So remember if someone shouts back to the print shop “ Your GEE has lines on it…..” your RIGHT side of your print… right?

Here are some Quality American Made products that for 25+ years we have supported and seen not only help our customers save money, and deliver quality prints every record breaking time: you may wish to look over our Large-Format Papers

'Made in America' Pledge “Ask your office If Your office will join the Pledge to Buy American Made"