Truth / Why Previous Ordered 2-in Core will NOT WORK as 3 inch core

Truth / Why Previous Ordered 2-in Core will NOT WORK as 3 inch core

Posted by steve a on 18th Feb 2019

Truth about Why Previous used 2-in Core may not work with your printer today.

TOP 10 Truth "Why previous -i-teach-them-when-young-2182019-25250-am.jpgpaper roll used for printing was 2-in core but it is sold 2inch-core-adapter TO PUT onto 3 inch center core large-universal.jpgas 3-in Core which does not work with my printer!" - Heard THAT !! - start on the SOLUTION side not the problem ... here below

Universal Adapter

Many HP products are becoming 3-in core and no longer working with many of the trusted HP Designjet series printers as 500, 800 and more. True that most quality wide-format media printing material is available as QUALITY Vellum, Canvas, Paper and more Printing Media therefore 3-in center core means HP instantaneously picks up a strong possible new market share for those as Xerox©, KIP© and many, many others to which the brand product HP is built on solid ground and now becomes roll holder memoralized as larger than 4.8 inches across the roll when 3-in core rolled. All ground is level at the foot of the cross. Therefore, we expect HP delivers a name trusted to wide-format media users throughout many boundaries in and perhaps beyond red, white and blueprint papers.

Rolls that are 3 inch core can now being converted back into 2 inch core yet know your ROLL HOLDER size and be clear that today's large-format media may always lend best practice if your roll holder. ROLL HOLDER. If your at least 4.5 inch across side diameter - center diameter gives best practice behavior if the roll holder with every purchase. Notice that some 3-inch core Media on a ROLL too BIG for your printer today. You may find that Diameter is 5 inches or more.

Your Plotter will NOT HOLD that Paper - Today's Roll Diameter is LARGER than ever.

The larger center roll core size often follows high end media to which it is GREAT to position all ones large-format media is going to now fit the size of your older HP Designjet .. more to come

Compatible with the hp designjetct2500? Can we use 3" core paper.?
Some Posted Answers:
This adapter spindle would work great but the cradle for the roll in the printer is not big enough for a 3" core roll so the roll won't sit in the cradle properly...

Question: Does this kit includes both spindle ends or is it for just one of the ends of the roll?

Posted Answer:  We send both ends of the large-format paper rolls RIGHT and LEFT end cap.  Here is how to get FREE 3-INCH Core Left and Right Adapter on-LINE for Wide-Format Paper COM has special placed free ones for you in our 0903 Product - SAVE them for all you now FUTURE converter sizes. A gift to our Loyal Customers.

Also here one can Buy HP Designjet 3" Core Adapter acts as a replacement or spare for the one included with select Designjet Large-Format Printers. It allows users to quickly turn around in paper prep. Your America one stop Low price shop official wide-format paper. Read our customer reviews to learn more and how now.