US Display with Roll Large-Format Mylar Paper

US Display with Roll Large-Format Mylar Paper

Posted by steve a on 30th Mar 2020

Display your Corona Large-Format Paper Presentation

Print out mylar protective for medicalUS Covid 19 met it’s splash blocker in healthcare as supplies of masks, visors and other printed items as wide-format Mylar media supports total medical workers. Protection beyond paper in masks.  The Corona virus may live up to 24 - 32 hours on paper. Theorists and test mongers state one can wait up to one day if one thinks printing paper has contacted covid-19.  After a one day-wait on any paper, then one should be safe.

The reusable paper masks as seen here are being modified papermask and reused as we have some customers that are employing the mask with perhaps a print from their office 3 d printer to hold the mylar. .. more to come..