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Xerox 3001 Toner

See answers to questions asked recently about Xerox 3001 Wide-Format Paper and Toner. You are welcome to write or reach us with any of your own. #1 Where would I buy paper for the Series of Xerox 3001?  #2 What mil of Mylar is best for Xerox 3001 Xerox 3001 Mylar recommends max 4 mil Mylar Media Film Size (stay with Engineering Mylar)


#3 What is the largest Wide Format Roll Paper one can run. 36 inches wide X 500 feet in length (choice UN or Taped Roll for Xerox 3001)
#4 Can we put more than 2 Large Format Paper Rolls on the . Yes, Rearward stacking systems are available for the Xerox 3001.
#5 What wide-format color papers are available for it. Blue tint, Green tint, Yellow tint, Pink tint You See here Engineering Paper Copy Bond Rolls, below, find the paper size needed and Save BIG. American Made Wide Format Paper Serving Xerox 3001 Paper, Rolls, Format Media Wide Perfect fit.

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