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Xerox 8825-8830 Toner

See answers recently about Xerox 8825 - 8830 - You are welcome to write or reach us with any of your own.
1 - Where would I buy paper for the 8825 - 8830 Series of Xerox - Duah - here (we said that with a smile)
2 - What mil of Mylar is best for Xerox 8825 - 8830 - Xerox recommends max 4 mil Mylar Media Film Size (stay with Engineering Mylar)
3 - What is the largest Roll I can run - 36 inches wide X 500 feet in length (UnTaped Roll for Xerox)
4 - Can we put more than 2 rolls on the 8825 - 8830 - Yes, Rearward stacking systems are available for the Xerox 8825 - 8830.
5 - What wide-format color papers are available for it - Blue tint, Green tint, Yellow tint, Pink tint

Profound sharp lines for diagrams and printing thoughts move with our toner choices and paper below. One will discover 24" X 500, 30",34" and 36 X 500' Papers. Paper is adaptable paper simply ideal for consistently work or concentrated volume printing of reports. Conveying a spotless, fresh, proficient look intended to keep running in a wide range of 3 inches core printers and copiers. Accessible in 20 pound and 24 pound paper thickness premise weight. Innovation for bolder blacks and clear ink plane printing. Execution Guaranteed. Made in USA. Benefit Roll sizes underneath.

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