Z2100 Series

z 2100 ps gave a roll-freedom of Direct PostScript and PDF support gave the release of HP Z2100 ps GP the Embedded Adobe® PS/PDF RIP Postscript which allowed many Freedom Paper design for their HP-Z2100 Photo Charmed pdf postscript. Mistakes learned and productivity increase! One could eliminate trial and error with real-time layout and orientation preview. HP’s printer driver and embedded with Web server let you preview the layout, size, and Roll quality TOP Shelf attention. The automated simple creation of ICC profiles allows the HP Designjet Z2100 Photo Printer to calibrate the printer obtain print-to-print color perfection. You may want to look over our replacement paper for 2100.

  • Large-Format Plotter z2100 Papers

    Engineered and Acid Free Tested on HP Designjet Roll Plotter, z2100 Wide Printable Replacement Paper for...

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